Eva Peron



May 7, 1919

Born in the town of Los Toldos to Juan Duarte and Juana Ibarguren. She had four siblings: Blanca, Elisa, Erminda, and Juan.

Juan I Abandons Family


Juana was Juan's mistress and they had 5 kids together, including Eva. In 1920, after falling on hard times, Juan left his second family.

Juan I Dies


Juan dies in a car accident. The details of his funeral are unknown but their are rumors that his second family were forced to trail the procession in the far back and nearly not let into the ceremony. These rumors cannot be proven and it is likely that the two families got along.

Moves with family to Junin


Eva goes to Buenos Aires


Eva goes to Buenos Aires at 15 years old to audition for acting jobs. There is a rumor that she ran away with a tango singer but evidence suggests that her mother took her grudgingly.

Eva's Debut into acting

August, 1937

Eva performs in a Radio Soap Opera

May 1, 1939

"The Biographies of Illustrious Women"


Eva stars as Elizabeth I, Sarah Bernhardt, and Catherine the Great.

Eva and Juan Marry

October 22, 1945

Date of the civil ceremony. Religious ceremony held later.

Bought a Newspaper called Democracia


Tour of Europe

June, 1947

"Rainbow Tour." Given the Great Cross of Isabel the Catholic in Spain.

Time Magazine Article

July 14, 1947

Eva Peron Foundation

July, 1948

Evita asked to run for vice president

August 22, 1951

One million supporters gathered outside the "Plaza de Mayo."

Evita declines offer

August 31, 1951

On nationwide broadcast. Likely due to military pressure and declining health.


July 26, 1952

Lost her battle with uterine cancer. Lapsed into a coma at 11:00 AM and died at 8:25 PM. She was 33. During the following months Argentine radio stopped at 8:25 every evening to remember the "Lady of Hope."

Food workers union appeals to Pope for her Canonization

August 2, 1952

They called her "Saint Evita." The Vatican refused.

Her remains are turned over to the exiled Peron


Remains returned to Argentina


Brought back by Peron's 3rd wife, Isabel.

Eva's Body Buried in Duarte family tomb


Juan Peron


October 8, 1895

Born in Lobos Argentina

Joined the Army


Promoted to Captain


Sent to Buenos Aires

Colonel During Coup


First Wife Dies of Cancer


Appointed head of the Secretariat of Labor and Social Welfare


As result of military coup.

Becomes Vice President and Minister of War

January 1945

Under president Edelmiro J. Farrell.

Exiled as a result of army coup

October 9, 1945

Exiled to Martin Garcia

Becomes President

June 4, 1946

Won with 54% of the votes. 29th President.

Runs for Reelection


2nd Inaugeration

June, 1952

Evita's last public appearance.



Reinstated as President


Dies in Office



Radical Party in Power

1916 - 1930



Military Rule

1930 - 1946

Military Coup

June 4, 1943

Ramon Castillo is ousted. General Pedro P. Ramirez takes over.

Massive Earthquake in San Juan

January 15, 1944

7,000 killed. 12,000 injured.

Benefit Concert for Earthquake relief

January 22, 1944

Organized by Juan Peron. Eva performs in it. Juan and Eva meet here.

"Los Descamisados" march on the "Plaza de Mayo"

October 17,1945

They demanded Peron's return. The government, crippled by the massive strike, was forced to oblige. Peron makes a speech on the famous balcony and tells the workers to take tomorrow off in celebration.

Peronist Era

1946 - 1955

Woman's Sufferage

September 23, 1947

Formation of the Partido Peronista Feminino (PPF)

July 26, 1949

Evita was elected its first president.

Military Rule

1955 - 1973


1973 - 1976

Isabel Peron is President

1974 - 1976