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Empires and Events

Byzantine Empire

330 - 1453

This empire was the eastern half of the Roman empire, although the western side fell in 476 the eastern side stayed up till 1453 but then fell to the Ottomans

Medieval Europe

590 - 1500

medieval Europe changed to the modern world in around 1750. There were other places that changed majorly like China and India. Changes took place from trade, religion, economics and others. Also all the fights and conflict from the countrys destroyed lots of the old building and made room for the new buildings.

The Polynesian Expansion

700 - 1756

The expansion moved from Taiwan to New Zealand, Cook Islands, Hawaiian islands and other islands in that area, they even went as far as Easter island.

The Vikings

790 - 1066

The Vikings knowledge of the seas helpped with trade and when it was time to invade, They raided other lands and learnt new customs, languages and belifes from these countrys.

Shogunate Japan

794 - 1867

There were many different peroids in SHogun , The Herian period was fron 794-1185. The Kamakura period was 1185-1333, The Muromachi period was 1333-1573, Azuchimomoyama period and the Edo period 1603-1868. Shogun was involved in many wars with the Portugues, the Mongolian armies. These attacks were based around the Mongols army, te second invation had 140000 troops from mongoland 400+ boats. At one point the Japanese looked in trouble but then sent in more troops and they killed the Mongolians.

Knmar Empire

802 - 1327

The Empire was following Indian, Hinduism and Mahayana Buddhism. The empire was bulit around cultivation of rice.

The Battle of Hastings


The Battle of Hastings started on the 14th of October just 7km from Hastings. The Normans started to attack the english, when the Normans won the Battle, William and his army marched to and arrived in Englgand. William was crowned on Christmas day, He was the first Norman KIng of England.

First Jousting Tournament Recorded


Jousting was found by a French man called Godfrey de Preuilly, He created this Medieval Tournament in the same year as the Battle of Hastings.King Henry the 2nd ruled out this sport in the 12th century because of injury perposes and too many crowds. The King wanted to rule this out too keep his army of strong knights fit and health wit no injuries.

The First Crusade

1096 - 1099

The first Crusade was the owner of the massarce to about 3000 Christian. The first Crusade reduced around 1/4 of the City of Jerusalem population, The Crusade captured The City in July 1099

The second Crusade

1147 - 1150

The second Crusade was made to retake land that Muslim forces took from them.

Mongol Expansion

1206 - 1368

The Mongolian forces promoted trade within the empire and culture change was encourage and after the death of Genghis Khan the leader of the tribes in the Mongolian expansion the empire expanded out but was destroyed from the high cost of running the place.

The Last Crusade (seventh)


Unsure when ended.

The Ottoman Empire

1299 - 1683

The Prophet Muhammad was their religion. The religion spread through Africa and EuropeTheir wealth allowed them to have some of the Byzantine empire's land.

The Black Death

1346 - 1400

In 1333 The plague had spread to north east China and in 1350 the plague has large damage to the Mediterranean area. Finnaly the plague kills about 35 million pleople.

Renaissance Italy

1400 - 1600

Itaaly was divided into seven states and they all fought each other till cities got larger than others. The Italian states were far ahead of the other empires because of their knowledge .

The Spainish Conquest

1492 - 1572

The Spainish went by boat over to the Amricains to preach the Catholic Chruch.

Time Peroids

Early Middle Ages

500 - 1000

High Middle Ages

1001 - 1300

Late Middle Ages

1301 - 1500

Early Middle Ages

1501 - 1700


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500 - 1800

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