History of Vote Rights


US Constitution


The Constitution is a document that let everybody to vote.

Abigail Adams writes to John Adams


Abigail Adams writes to her husband John Adams and ask him to remember that ladies should have equal right to vote in the code of law.

US Constitution Adopted


This states the rights to vote and show who can vote or not

14th Amendment


The 14th amendment is required to recognize Black & White males as citizens and full citizenship in regards to voting.

The 15th Amendment


The 15th Amendment will not be able fully realized for century. That African-American will poll taxes & literacy tests.

The Women Suffrage


The Women protect in front of the white house.This is important that because it show how women protest every day to get there equal rights to vote.

19th Amendment


The 19th amendment is a law that gave all women the right to vote.This is important so women can have equal rights with men.

Selma to Montgomery March


It was know as the Bloody Sunday and lead by 2 march. They attempts the march 2 times. The 1st times they start out with 600 hundred people and the 2 times they came back with 2,500 protesters.