The Cold War


The Split

1945 - 1946

After WWII Germany was split into four sectors. Three for the US, Britain, and France and the final sector was split between Germany and Poland. This division of the final sector corresponds with the border between Germany and Poland.

United Nations created


Alliance of countries aimed at World Peace. Replaced the League of Nations.

Cold War begins

7/16/1945 - 12/25/1991

Started just after the end of WWII.

Berlin Blockade/ Berlin Airlift

June 24, 1948 - May 19, 1949

The Berlin Blockade started as a result of the institution of the Marshall Plan. Began as a partial blockade in April and became a full blockade in June. The Berlin Airlift was an effort made by the United Nations to deliver 13,000 tons of supplies, like coal and food, every day. This lasted for 324 days.

NATO Formed


North American Treaty Organization, aka (North) Atlantic Alliance. Intergovernmental military alliance. Agreement between countries that if one country in NATO is attacked, the others will join the fight and support them. Alliance between North America and parts of Europe. HQ in Brussels, Belgium.

Korean War

6/25/1950 - 7/27/1953

The first armed conflict of the Cold War. North Korea launched a massive campaign to invade South Korea. The UN helped South Korea.

Construction on Berlin Wall begins

August 13, 1961 2:20 a.m.

Began as a barrier that started as 25 miles long. Grew to be 100 miles long encircling West Berlin.

Cuban Missile Crisis

10/14/1962 - 10/28/1962

Cuba and the USSR begin to build bases for the Soviet's nuclear missiles. The U.S. Navy was sent to blockade Cuba until a treaty was created agreeing that the U.S. would never attack Cuba again and that the missiles would be moved.



First nuclear-armed missiles deployed in Canada.