Rulers of Western Civ from 2300 BC to 323 BC

These are the important ones for my Western Civilization class. If you're looking at this for something else it will not include everything you may need or be looking for.


Sargon of Akkadia

Mentuhotep of Egypt

Hammurabi of Babylon

First king of Babylonian empire

Amenhotep IV of Egypt

Tutenkhamun of Egypt

Ramses II of Egypt

Saul - Hebrews

David - Hebrews

Solomon - Hebrews

Tilgath-Pilesar of Assyria

Nebuchadnezzar II of Chaldean (Babylon)

Pisistratus of Athens

Cyrus the Great of Persia

Darius of Persia

Cleisthenes of Athens

That is when he became a public Figurehead but he wasnt really a ruler, just a statesman that made laws. and the end date i made up just for it to have an end date

Xerxes of Persia

Pericles of Athens

Alcibiades of Athens

Started in Athens but "ruled" in several places

Philip II of Macedon

Alexander The Great of Macedon