The French Revolution

By Matt O'Connor


Financial Crisis of 1787-1789

1787 - 1789

This event was caused by noble's refusing to pay taxes and the royal family having Feasts and parties all the time. It was also caused by participation in the seven year war and a bad crop season.

This went against the principles because it showed how one group had so much more power than the other.

Estates General


This event happened in the Spring of 1789

Leaders of the three estates met to discus taxes and the third estate tried to get change.

What the third estate did supports the principles in the "Declaration of the Rights of Man and Citizen" because they tried to make things equal for everyone. But also against it because it showed the other two estates taking away the third estates rights to vote.

Declaration of the Rights of Man and the Citizen


Happened August 1789

Showed the basic principles of the revolution "liberty equality fraternity" only for men, also gave the freedoms that people have.

Supports itself

Tennis Court Oath

June 1789

National Assembly vowed to not stop until they where done making the new laws for France.

Supports it because it shows how they are trying to make equality for the people.

Great fear

July 1789 - 1799

There was already some fear around because of a bad crop season but after the storming of the Bastille the fear increased rapidly and spread to everyone. They feared the king would punish them more for what they just did. Some workers also fought against their land owners at this time.

It goes against it because now people are scared of losing any of the rights they had when they shouldn't be able to lose their rights.

Storming Bastille

July 1789

An angry mob went to a famous prison to get weapons to defend themselves and when that failed they stormed the Bastille and took the weapons and killed the commander and put his head on a pike.

it goes against it because it's people killing the government workers just to get weapons to defend from the government.

Creation of National Convention

August 1792 - October 1795

National Assembly steps down and lets the radicals take over France and the revolution.

Supports it because it shows how much they're trying to get people their rights.

Important Actions of the National Assembly


Committee of public safety was made, huge draft to protect France happened. religion was banned along with anything that reminded people of the old days, calenders where changed along with all of the months.

This was against it because it took away peoples rights of believing in what they want like religions.

Reign of Terror

1793 - July 1794

Started fall of 1793.

series of accusations trials and executions for people that might be plotting against the revolution. It got up to 800 executions a month.

It goes against it because it doesn't give people any of their rights. They would be accused for the littlest things since the trial wouldn't be fair they would die.



Started spring of 1793.

They feared the course of the revolution so they took drastic measures to avoid some outcomes.

It went against the revolution because they changed it drastically.

Execution of Louis XVI

January 1793

Louis XVI the king was put on trial and found guilty and sentenced to death.

Supports it because they just got rid of one of their main problems to get rights back for the people.

Important Napoleonic Reforms

November 1799

He had become a dictator with all of his promises they kept him in power. Then when being crowned he took the crown from the Pope to show no one is in charge of him.

It is really bad now because he is a tyrant over France.

Napoleon's Rise to Power

November 1799

Because of his amazing victories at such a young age he gained ranks int he army fast . then with a coup d'etat he took power and promised stability.

It goes against it because now they are back where they started.

Invasion of Russia

June 1812 - December 1812

He took his troops to take over Russia but end up finding that everywhere has been burned to the ground and once the winter starts to come his troops run out of food and have to leave quickly.

It was against it because he made people invade with little supplies and then left them once it got bad.

Exile to Elba

October 1813

Once France was taken Napolion was given 400 troops and was sent to a tiny island where he could keep his title.

This was bad because Louie XVIII took his place and keep leading France under a dictatorship.

Congress of Vienna

October 1814

A meeting was held to redraw all the maps and to take away land from countries that helped France and to make it look like Napoleon never conquered anything.

It took away some land but didn't really change the situation

Battle of Waterloo

June 1815

Napoleon fought Brattain and then Prussia appeared and beat him for his final battle.

The situation didn't really change too much