Emperor Qin

He was born at 259 BC. He died at 210 BC.


Warring states

480 BC - 221 BC

The warrings states period started at 480 BC. The warring states ended at 221 BC. At the time of 221 BC the first emperor was born. The first emporer was born at the end of the warring states. The end of the warring states was the beginning of the of the Qin dynasty.

Birth of Emperor

259 BC

When emperor Qin was born it brought great joy to the entire state of Qin. However at the time of his birth, he was known as Prince Zheng. Later in life he did many great things. The emperor was affected by legalism.Later died of poisoning.

Qin rulers took over state of Zhou

256 BC

The Qin rulers took over the state of Zhou. They ended the Zhou dynasty. The Qin dynasty took place. The Qin dynasty ended after 15 years. Qin dynasty is remembered forever in Chinese history.

Prince Zheng became King

246 BC

10 years later, Prince Zheng became king. Prince Zheng was 13 years of age when he took control.
He took control of china at a young age. He only ruled for about 15 years to age 28.

Great wall of China was built

221 BC - 206 BC

The Emperor of Qin decided to build the Great wall of china so the northern border of China was protected. The Great wall of China was about 1,500 miles long. A work-force of 300,000 men was assembled to construct the Great wall Of China. Many of the men went missing or died.

Prince Zheng changed his name to Qin Shihuangdi

221 BC

Prince Zhang gained control of China. At this time he changed his name to Qin Shihuangdi. Qin Shihuangdi means "first emperor". He changed his name to Qin because he wanted to give himself a new title after gaining control of China. He started the Qin dynasty. The dynasty was named after him.

Prince Zhang gained control of all China

221 BC

Prince Zheng gained control of all China. He gained control of China in 221 BC. He believed in strict laws. He also believed in harsh punishment's. He had a strong central authority(which was him).

Conflict between Emperor and scholars grew worst at a royal banquet.

213 BC

A conflict between the Emperor of Qin an Scholars broke out at a royal banquet. A Confucian scholar criticized the Emperor. This lead to the burning of Confucian books, an the executing of 460 Confucian scholars,and there families.

Emperor of Qin's death

210 BC

Emperor of Qin was afraid to die, so he summoned magicians, to see how he can become immortal. They told him, to seek a magic potion. The Emperor of Qin died after ruling just over ten years, he had been looking for a potion 600 miles from the capital city. He was then buried with 700,000 workers who helped build his tomb, and also various treasures.

After the end of Dynasty

207 BC - 203 BC

When Xiang Yu's armie defeated the Qin armie, Lieu Bang went into the capitol ending the Qin dynasty. At the end of the dynasty war broke out between Lieu Bang and Xiang

End of Qin dynasty

206 BC

After Qin's death, rebellions broke out in the country side. Royal families joined a revolt, they fought each other for power. In the end, Liu Bang, a peasant leader took control beginning the Han Dynasty.