Jackie robinson timeline




jackie robinson attends GWHS

1936 - 1939

where he excels in all sports

jackie goes to UCLA

1941 - 1942

where jackie is the first athlete in UCLA history to letter in four sportsbin a single year.

Played first major league game


During the season he was taunted by fans and players gor being black.


1957 - 1958

Jackie retires from baseball. During his ten years with the Dodgers the team wins six pennants and one World series, he becomes a business executive and works extensively with the NAACP.

Hall of Fame


Jackie is inducted into the major league hall of fame

Jackie Robinson dies


Jackie Robinson dies on October24, at age 53. His wife starts the Jackie Robinson development corporation, which builds low income houses.

Jackie Robinson Foundation

1973 - 2010

Racheal Robinson makes the Jackie obinson foundation, Which provides educaational chances for young students nationwide.

jackie robinsion foundation


jackie robinsions foundation providdes scholarships to 141 jackie robision/

jackie robinsion fundation


The Jackie Robinson Foundation provides scholarships to 141 Jackie Robinson Scholars, for the year. The students attend more than 60 colleges and universities nationwide. Over 3,000 requests for scholarships are received each year.