Adonis History

History of Adonis Nero

Family conflict + move

09/30/2007 - 04/24/2008

Encroachment by neighboring packs forces the Little Redfish Lake pack to move.



Adonis is born to Marmaduke and Amelia alongside Eris and Raphael.

Everto Peak Conflict

05/10/2008 - 11/2/2008

Separated from Family


Joins Strawberry Fields


Adopted by Caligula


Everto Training

07/1/2008 - 09/1/2008

The Everto wolves head to a secluded area outside of the Valley to train for the coming war.

Ends friendship with Tula


His previous friendship with Tula is broken after he informs her of his close involvement with the Evertos.

Promoted to Consul


Adonis, at the age of 10 months, is promoted to Consul (Gamma).

Caligula is killed


Caligula is killed during the attack on Nova Mountain. He is disemboweled by his former brother-in-arms, Archer.

Felix and Adonis


Adonis fights with an older wolf named Felix during the invasion. He nearly loses his life, but Felix reconsiders at the last moment.


11/2/2008 - 11/3/2008

The Everto wolves invade Nova Mountain and ultimately fail. Caligula is killed and the wolves are scattered.

Lone Wolf

11/3/2008 - 5/29/2009

Adonis remains a lone wolf post-Evertos.

Meets Quetzal; tended to by WHF

12/25/2008 - 1/2/2009

Adonis, distraught and in shock, runs into a female named Quetzal who (after an interrogation by the local guardian) brings Adonis in for a few days so that he can recover.

Searches for Tula

01/02/2009 - 03/01/2009

After recovering from his memory loss, Adonis learns that Tula has left the Valley and goes to search for her. He doesn't find her and returns to the Valley in late Winter.

Meets Adlyn


Strikes up an odd friendship with a young pup named Adlyn from Argent Falls.

Protects Argent Falls

04/11/2009 - 05/29/2009

After learning Jas has made it to where Adlyn's family is, Adonis takes it upon himself to guard Argent Falls while remaining a loner.

Silent Moon Plateau

5/29/2009 - 9/14/2009

Adonis joins Silent Moon Plateau after being invited by Liyano, the Alpha.

Meets Gaius


Gaius, Caligula's older son, verbally berates Adonis and tells him he is no Everto. This has a profound effect on Adonis, and he begins to drift away from his Everto lineage.

Meets brother, Renatus


Meets his younger brother, Renatus, who was sired by Caligula and Sphinx (a prominent figure in WWS history).

Begins courting Tula


Rekindles his relationship with Tula and discovers they're both head over heels for one another.

SMP Pack Hunt


SMP has a pack hunt!

Fends off a cougar with SMP


Caoin is attacked by Dhiem, and Adonis + SMP rushes in to save the day.

Severely injured; Elk


Adonis is kicked in the head by a bull elk and blacks out, losing most of the memories of last year.

Nova Mountain

10/23/2009 - 11/16/2009

Adonis joins Nova Mountain. He regains his memories after administering hawthorn to himself.

Lone Wolf

11/16/2009 - 12/23/2009

Leaves Nova Mountain immediately once his memories return. Has no place being there.


12/1/2009 - 04/2/2010

Worst winter in remembered history.

Angeni Sanctuary

12/23/2009 - 01/15/2010

Joins Angeni in the dead of the Fimbulvetr, and ends up leaving the pack under unusual circumstances.

Reunites with Quetzal


Lone Wolf

1/15/2010 - 04/22/2011

Rescues Chehalis; partners

02/15/2010 - 04/15/2010

Adonis and Chehalis, two wolves on different sides of the Everto Conflict, come to blows in the middle of a deadly blizzard. Adonis wins, but before killing Chehalis has second thoughts and rescues him from the elements instead. As Chehalis recovers in a cave, Adonis cares for them both, sacrificing his health for the better of both of them. Together they survive the Fimbulvetr and, though they don't come out of it as allies, they depart on neutral terms.

Lurks in the Salvajes

09/22/2010 - 03/25/2011

Adonis lurks in the Salvaje Valley but he remains isolated from the other wolves.

Visited by Caligula's Ghost


Caligula visits Adonis and they have a final heart to heart that gives Adonis some closure.

Lilac Valley

04/22/2011 - 07/11/2011

Meets his sister, Salene


Salene, daughter of Sphinx and older sister to Renatus, speaks with Adonis on many things.

Rescues Alfhildr; courtship begins


Adonis rescues a Goldmoon Forest female when she slips and falls into a raging river. Believing their meeting to be by the hand of the divine, Adonis takes her and they agree to see each other again soon.


4/23/2011 - 07/6/2011

A vision from Poseidon


Adonis is visited by the God, Poseidon, in his sleep. He is warned of the imminent eruption of Nova Mountain; he is told: "If you find the ocean, you will find peace."

Goldmoon Forest

07/11/2011 - 11/10/2011

Goldmoon Meeting


Goldmoon gathers for an impromptu meeting to discuss the earthquakes. Alfhildr and Adonis join them soon after and Adonis warns the alpha, Radar, about the eruption.

Nova Mountain Erupts


Nova Mountain erupts and destroys much of the valley.



Hours before Nova Mountain erupts, Adonis is darted and falls unconscious. When he wakes, the pack is far away from the eruption.

Traveling West

08/04/2011 - 08/21/2011

The pack travels West, and Adonis follows his visions and the white crow that is leading him.

Arrives in Seahawk Valley


The pack arrives in Seahawk Valley and Adonis smells the ocean for the first time.

Confronts Elsa


Adonis confronts Elsa about her unplanned and unannounced pregnancy, accusing her of threatening the safety of the pack. This leads to Adonis' alienation from the pack.

Elsa miscarries; attacks Adonis


Elsa miscarries her pups, and the pack mourns. When Adonis arrives to see what the commotion is about, she attacks and leaves a nasty scar on the left side of his muzzle. At this point, Adonis is considered untrustworthy and the pack is suspicious of him.

Alfhildr disappears


Alfhildr goes missing, and Adonis is devastated.

The Nereides

11/15/2011 - 11/30/2011

Lone Wolf

11/30/2011 - 01/5/2012

Meets Juliet


Adonis is found by Juliet Saturnin when he is at a very low point, and she offers to take him back to Wintersun with her. He accepts.


01/5/2012 - 05/16/2012

Travels with Juliet

05/16/2012 - 8/14/2012

Juliet and Adonis leave Wintersun to travel together and learn about the world beyond the Valley. They gather stories, and work for packs in exchange for knowledge and lore.

Kidnapped; separated from Juliet


The pair is attacked while sleeping by massive, two-legged wolves. Adonis is knocked unconscious, and wakes up in an unknown location surrounded by Luperci.

Converted to Luperci


Adonis is infected by the Luperci virus during a blood ritual. He is bled by knives and claws, and then forced to drink the leader's blood.

First shift to Optime


Adonis undergoes his first shift a week later. He has little control over the urges.



The pack releases Adonis and leaves him out in the wilds with nothing but his new form to deal with.

Travels East

09/2/2012 - 2/21/2013

Hearing a rumor of Juliet's whereabouts, Adonis heads East.

Arrives in 'Souls