Revolutionary War Major Events


French & Indian War

1754 - 1763

British gained control of Canada when they won against the French and the Indians

Sugar Act

4/5/1764 - 4/6/1764

Taxed sugar and wine, banned imported rum.

Stamp Act

3/22/1765 - 3/23/1765

All documents required stamps, colonists responded by forming the Stamp Act Congress.

Townshend Acts

6/29/1767 - 6/30/1767

Taxed glass, lead, paint, paper, and tea. Later, all taxes but the tea tax were repealed.

Boston Massacre

3/5/1770 - 3/6/1770

5 colonists were shot, including Crispus Attucks.

Boston Tea Party

12/16/1773 - 12/17/1773

Sons of Liberty dumped 342 crates of tea into the Boston Harbor.

First Continental Congress

9/5/1774 - 10/26/1774

56 delegates from the colonies (except Georgia) met in response to the Intolerable Acts.