History Of Voting Rights


Womens lose the right to vote in all states

1777 - 1807

New York, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, and New Jersey had previously let women to vote take back those rights. After 1807, no state allowed women to vote.

Texas denies vote to Mexico


The same methods used in Texas and southern states to deny voting rights to Blacks are also applied to Mexicans too.

Women's Suffrage Movement

1848 - 1920

Demanded that women granted all rights as full citizens including the right to vote.

17th Amendment


passed requiring direct election of Senators by the people rather than Senators being appointed by state legislators

Civil Rights Activity

1954 - 1960

Brown vs Board of Education

24th Amendment ends poll taxes

1964 - 1966

The 24th Amendment prohibits poll taxes in federal elections, Supreme Court finally rules that the use of poll taxes in state elections violates the equal protection clause of the 14th Amendment to the Constitution. The last remaining poll taxes are eliminated

Voting Rights Act


Black voters have been registered in the South.

Fight to let our votes count .!


In the 19th and 20th Centuries we fought to expand the right to vote. The voting rights struggle of the 21st Century will be to have our votes !counthttp://open.salon.com/blog/ramonasvoices/2012/11/06/electionday2012itsuptousnow!