Enrico Firmi


Enrico Firmi was born

Sept 1901

Enrico Fermi was born, he was born in Italy, Rome.



He graduated with a doctorates in physics in school. After that he went on studying in the university of leiden.

Firmi experements with atoms


He started experementing with atoms and figures something out. He came up with the idea of shooting a neutron into an atom like an arrow. When this happens the atom absorbs the neutron into trhe nucleus and crates isotopes of every element.

Nobel prize


Enrico was awarded the nobel prize in physics for creating ways to make nuclear energy.

Firmi immigrates


He immigrates to the united states just in time for the nobel prize and starts working at the university of columbia.

Fission reactions


He starts nuclear reactions by making fission reactions by splitting an atom's nucleus to make enormous energy. He did this by splitting one atoms nucleus which can be used to split other nuclei making other atoms split.

Nuclear rectors

June 1954

The first nuclear reactor was used.

Firmi dies

Nov 1954

Enrico firmi dies because of cancer at the age of 54.