Civil War 1860-1865


Lincoln was elected

November 6 1860

The election was held on this date. It was served as the immediate impetus outbreak for the American civil war.

The secession

December 20, 1860

Formally withdrawing from a government/country/federation. South Carolina was the first state.

Abraham Lincoln's first inaugural address

March 4 1861

This speech was addressed to the people of the south. The message that was meant to be spread to succinctly state Lincoln's intended policies and desires toward that section.

First battle of bull run

July 21 1861

this was also known as the "first Manassas" . Was fought in Prince William Country, Virginia near the town Manassas. This was the first major land battle of the American civil war.

Battle of cheat mountain

September 12, 1861 - September 15, 1861

It was the first battle in the civil war in witch Robert E Lee led troops into combat.

Battle of Ironclades

March 8 1862 - March 9 1862

This was the most important navel battle of the American Civil War. It fought over a few days. This took place in Hampton roads.

The battle of Shiloh

April 6 1862 - April 7 1862

Was a major battle in the western theatre. Fought in southwestern Tennessee.

Battle of Antietam

September 17 1862

Was the first major battle in the American Civil War to take place on Union Soil. Also known as Battle of Sharpsburg.

Emancipation Proclamation

January 1, 1863

Was an order issued to all segments of the Executive Branch to the United States.

Battle of Gettysburg

July 1 1863 - July 3 1863

This was the battle with the largest number of casualties in the American Civil War. This was often described as the wars turning point.

New York riots

July 13, 1863 - July 16, 1863

The riots were the largest civil insurrection in the American history. This took place in New York City

54th of Massachusetts attacks Fort Wagner

July 18 1863

At 8:15am union artillery opened fire from the south. Soon after that a fired was joined from eleven of Dahlgren's ships

Gettysburg address

November 19 1863

This is a speech given by President Abraham Lincoln. This speech was known as best in American history. This speech was delivered at the Dedication of the Soldiers National Cemetery in Gettysburg Pennsylvania

Grant named General-in-chief

March 2 1864

This looked at the important events related to the American civil war. It was fought between April 1861 and April 1865

Sherman's March to the Sea

November 15 1864 - December 21 1864

Sherman's March to the Sea is the name the was given to the Savannah Campaign. The campaign began with Sherman's troops leaving the captured city of Atlanta Georgia.

Lincoln's second inaugural address

March 4 1865

He delivered his second address as a president of the United States. At the time within days and slavery was near to end. Lincoln did not speak of any happiness, but of sadness.

Battle of Appomattox court house

April 9 1865

This was the final engagement of the confederate states army general Robert E. Lee's army of Northern Virginia before it surrendered to the Union Army under Lt. Gen. Ulysses S. Grant. One of the last battles of the American Civil War.

Assassination of Abraham Lincoln

April 14,1865

United States President Abraham Lincoln was assassinated on Good Friday.