The Twelve Backstory

Worldbuilding for Twelve Dancers.

World Events

Magical Economic Revolution

01/01/1760 - 01/01/1835

The practices and micro-communities of magic wielding become increasingly fragmented. Value systems among those communities evolve in conflicting directions. Innovation, magical and otherwise, decreases the mortality rate in many communities, but crucially fails to produce proportionate advances in the availability and efficiency of resources (mainly food & fuel).

Tensions Mount

1770 - 1775

"Nonproductive magic is immoral!" "Industrialized magic threatens our children's future!"

"I'm hungry!" "I'm cold!" "I'm angry!"

"You're evil!"

Colony Wars

01/01/1775 - 09/15/1788

This Shit's Expensive

1785 - 09/15/1788

Battle of Philadelphia


Accepting that the profitability of the war effort is in irreversible decline, the deciders stage a face-saving final battle outside of Philadelphia. Because, why not Philadelphia?

The battle, though not by any means the costliest in terms of lives, is nonetheless played off as the microcosm of the entire conflict. I ought to figure the conflict out at some point, eh?

Dred Scott Decision


Weirds aren't people, so says the court. And let the mayhem begin.

The Naturalists

The Pragmatists

The Holiers

The Movers

The Onwards


Fates establish the Finishing School


(Need a name for this, don't I?)

School is Under "New Management