Sir Francis Drake

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Drakes birth and death


Drake was born in Devonshire, England

The Judith


Drake was given command to sail the Judith. Drake and his cousin John Hawkins sailed to Africa and were prisoners. The two got out but many others died.

First indepent voyage


Drake went on his first independent voyage to Panama to attack them and get silver and gold.

Around the world.


Drake and his crew set sail December 13 to attack Spanish settlements. Drake went to South America then across the Pacific ocean. Drake never intended to go around the world but he was pushed.



When Drake came back from his around the world expedition he came back with lots of treasure and Queen Elizibeth I rewarded him by making him a knight.

Spain and England


Between the years of 1585 and 1586 the relations with Spain and England grew worse.

Spain attacks


Spain attacks England in a crescent shape of ships and Drake was the vice admiral.

Drakes last voyage.


Drakes last voyage ended when Queen Elizibeth ordered him to attack Spain in Panama to get treasure and he died of a fever.