Bartholomew Dias


Bartholomew Dias was Born


Bartholomew Dias was born around 1450. No one really knows much about his early life and childhood, so they guess the year when he was born.

Rounding the Cape of Good Hope (Cape of Storms)


Bartholomew Dias rounded the Cape of Good Hope. He called it the Cape of Storms though because he went around it without even knowing during a storm on his way through his journey. When he came home after his voyage King John 2 said to name is Cape of Good Hope instead of Cape of Storms because then no one would want to go there. It was named after- Bartholomew Dias's followers' rounded Cape of Storms with hope saying they were almost to their destination.

Leaving for Expedition


Bartholomew Dias left for his expedition to journey around the Southern tip of Africa. The Portuguese wanted to find an easier way to travel to Asia for trade. They also wanted to see if how far the southern tip of Africa extended.

Bartholomew Dias Meets Africans


Bartholomew Dias meets Africans when his team stops on shore from rounding the Cape of Good Hope when he put a pole marker there. Bartholomew Dias tried to kill the Africans and the Africans tried to attack them.

Coming Home

December 1488 - January 1489

Bartholomew Dias came home from his first expedition in 1488 (December) or 1489 (January). He tells King John || all the information he gathered about his trip.

Bartholomew Dias Goes On Last Expedition & Dies


Bartholomew Dias goes on his last expedition at sea. He rounded Cape of Good Hope again and he ran through another storm there. The storm killed him and 4 out of 13 ships in his last expedition were sunk.