James Oglethorpe

James Oglethorpe

James Oglethorpe Born!!

December 22 1696

He was born in Surrey England

Going to School


He went to Eton and Oxford

Going to the army


he went to the army when he was only 14

worked in the goverment


he started to work in the government after the army. and it was called parliament.

going to Georgia!!!


He just got money and permission from King George the II to go to Georgia.

In office as governor of Georgia

1732 - 1743

he is going to be governor of Georgia.

Battle of the Bloody Marsh


Their was a battle because the Spanish wanted to have his land. And it was called the battle of the bloody marsh. soon after he one and got to keep his land and the Spanish went back to Florida.

Going Back


James had to go back to England when he went back people called him a coward.

James Oglethorpe Died


he died at age 88 June 30th 1785