Cheyenne Tribe - Chief Black Kettle


Chief Black Kettle's Birth

January 3, 1803

Chief Black Kettle is born in 1803.

Forever Treaty


The Cheyeene and Arapaho tribes sign the Forever Treaty with Fort Wise, guaranteeing them the land of eastern Colorado.

Fort Laramie Treaty

January 4, 1851

A series of Fort Laramie treaties are signed by the Lakota, Cheyeene, and Arapaho tribes, delineating the extent of their territories.

Peace Treaty with Fort Wise

January 4, 1861

The Cheyenne tribe, led by Chief Black Kettle, sign the Peace treaty with Fort Wise, agreeing not to interfere with the emigrants along the Smoky Hill Trail.

Cheyenne Cede Eastern Colorado

February 18, 1861

The Cheyenne and Arapaho tribes cede most of eastern Colorado.

Travel to meet President Lincoln

January 4, 1863

Chief Black Kettle and Chief Lean Bear travel to Washington D.C. to meet President Lincoln, where they are presented with peace medals and documents.

Sand Creek Massacre

November 29, 1864

Chivington's troops open fire near Chief Black Kettle's camp, along Sand Creek.

Treaty of Little Arkansas

January 5, 1865

The Cheyenne tribe, led by Chief Black Kettle, sign the treaty of Little Arkansas.

Medicine Lodge Treaty


The Cheyenne and Arapaho tribes sign the Medicine Lodge Treaty, promising them peace and protection from the white intruders, when relocated to the Indian Territory reservation.

Chief Black Kettle's Death

November 27, 1868

Chief Black Kettle dies, during the Battle of Washita.

Battle of Washita

November 27, 1868

Custer orders his troops to attack the Cheyenne tribe. Hundred of Indians were killed, along with many women and children captured.