Through Gates of Splendor


Gonzalo Pizarro crossed the Andes/ exploring


Jesuit Missionary went to Curraray


Senor Carlos Sevilla escaped Acua killing


Senor Santoval died


Sevilla set out to find the Aucas responsible


Nate Saint was born


Roger was born

January 21, 1924

Sevilla and Indians were attacked


Auca attack drove Sevillia out of the territory


Shell Oil Company prospecting oil for Oriente

1940 - 1949

Roger was a freshman in college


3 of Shell's employees killed in Arajuno


Roger enlisted in the Army

october, 1943

Roger survived the Rhine jump


Roger shares his testimony with his mom

December, 1944

Macuma started by Frank Drown


Ed entered Wheaton college


Roger wrote a letter to his mom

August 1945

Roger returned to Montana

January 1946

Nate repared a crashed plane in Mexico

July 1946

Nate enrolleed at Wheaton college

1947 - 1948

Marj took nursing job

January 1948

Plane was ready for Ecuador

September 1948

Nate and Marj arrived in Oriente

September 1948

Kathie Saint was born


Small city in Arajuno was abandoned


Ed won track championship


Ed decided to go to Shandia


Barb and Roger enrolled in missionary medicine coarse

September 1950

Ed wrote a letter to Jim about God's plan for him

September 22, 1950

Stevie Saint was born


Ed had boat training with Jim


Used civic law in radio message

May 16, 1951

Ed wrote Marilou a letter

May 29, 1951

Ed and Marilou married

June 30, 1951

Roger and Barb married

September 1951

Ed and Marilou arrived in Quito

December 1952

Ed and Marilou set sail for Ecuador

December 10, 1952

Roger, Barb, Beth Elaine went to Ecuador

January 1953

Ed visits Shandia

June 1953

Survey trip down the Bonbonza River

August 1953

Ed and Marilou's first day in the rain forest

September 1953

Jim and Elizabeth arrived in Puyupungu

November 1953

Roger comes to Ecuador


Pete marries Olive

June 1954

Roger left Macuma

June 5 1954

Auca killing

July 1954

Pete and Olive came to Oriente to start work

September 1955

5 missionary families moved to the Aucas

September 1955

Operation Auca started

September 1955

Auca research started

September 19 1955

Jim and Pete go to Vilano

September 29 1955

Nate Saint's thoughts on the beginning of Operation Auca

October 1955

First gift was delivered

October 6 1955

2nd drop to the Aucas

October 14 1955

3rd drop to the Aucas

October 23, 1955

6th week

November 12, 1955

Nate recorded later developments

November 26, 1955

9th visit

December 3,1955

10th visit

December 10, 1955

Nate tells why they went

December 18, 1955

Roger wrote in his diary about serving God

December 19,1955

Nate and Jim fly to Aucas

December 23, 1955

Ed, Pete, Olive, Jim and Elizabeth in Shandia

January 1, 1956

entry attempt

January 2, 1956

Jim came over to get ready for mission

January 2, 1956

Setting up Palm Beach

January 3, 1956

1st day of landing in Auca territory

January 3, 1956

Jim wrote Nate- no one was reading the morning contacts

January 4, 1956

Everything was good at Palm Beach- Aucas heading that way

January 5, 1956

Johnny keenan flew to look for the men

January 9, 1956

Elizabeth was flown to be with the ladies

January 10, 1956

First body found

January 11, 1956

ground party went to the beach

January 12, 1956

4 other bodies found in the river

January 12, 1956

Bodies were buried in common grave under the tree house

January 13, 1956

Wives flew over the grave

January 14, 1956