Untitled timeline


Industrial Revolution

1700 - 1900

Richard Arkwright


An Englishman who invented a large spinning machine called a water frame. This invention led to a lower cost in cotton cloth and an increase in the speed of textile production.

Interchangeable Parts Invented


Eli Whitney came up with the idea of creating interchangeable parts for muskets. Interchangeable parts are parts of a machine that are identical. Led to mass production.

Slater's Mill


Samuel Slater opened the first mill in Pawtucket, Rhode Island.

Cotton Gin Invented


Invented by Eli Whitney, it changed the cotton industry. It make is easier and faster to remove the seeds from the cotton.

Thomas Jefferson is President

1801 - 1809

Clermont Steamboat


Invented by Robert Fulton this first full sized stramboat traveled up and down the Hudson River. Demand for the steamboat ferry service soon arose.



John Jacob Astor created the first trading post in Oregon Country.

Lowell System


Francis Cabot Lowell opened the first textile mill in Waltham, Massachusetts. Created the Lowell System in 1822 to bring in young, unmarried women to work in the mills.

Gibbons v. Ogden


Supreme Court Case. The Federal Government has the power to regulate trade between states.

Andrew Jackson is President

1829 - 1837

Tom Thumb


Peter Cooper invented the first locomotive called Tom Thumb.

Founding of Church of Latter-Day Saints


Joseph Smith established the church and his followers became known as Mormons

Underground Railroad

1830 - 1860

A network of people to transport slaves.

Nat Turner's Rebellion


Nat Turner led a group of slaves to revolt and kill their slaveholders and their family members. Known as the most violent slave rebellion in the country.

Telegraph Invented


Samuel B. Morse perfected the telegraph. It was a device that could send informatoin over wires across great distances.

Anti-Slavery Movements


American Anti-Slavery Society founded and it's members wanted immediate emancipation and racial equality for African-Americans.

Texan Revolution


Texans declare independence and revolt against Mexican Government.

Battle at the Alamo


Texans lost to Mexican Army during the Texas Revolution.

Labor Reform


Sarah G. Bagley founded the Lowell Female Labor Reform Association to publicize the struggles of factory laborers.

Irish Immigrants


With the Potato Famine in Ireland, many Irish immigrated to the United States.

Edgar Allen Poe "The Raven"


Poe's poem "The Raven" becomes a sensation.

American-Mexican War

1846 - 1848

Dispute over borders led to War. America won and gained new territory.

Donner Party


A group of travelers on the Oregon Trail who got lost during the treacherous trail.

Gold Rush

1848 - 1853

Gold is found in San Francisco, CA. Led to increase in settlers in CA.

Safety Pin Invented


Walter Hunt invented the safety pin.

Abraham Lincoln is President

March 4, 1861 - April 16, 1865

Abraham Lincoln's term as the 16th President. Date ends at assassination.

Civil War

April 1861 - May 1865

The North (Union Army) vs. The South (Confederate Army)

Trancontenental Railraod Complete


The Central Pacific and Union Pacific Railroads were joined at Promontory, Utah, completing the transcontinental railroad.