Anton Bio


For most of the time in Romania, the Lacustra clan stayed in their villa in Bucharest, a home that was in the family since the early 1900s near Herastrau Lake and Park



Was Born in Piatra Neamt where the Lacustra linage began. Born to Ion and Alina Lacustra. Ion worked in the military while Alina worked as a teacher.

Graduated from Iasi University


Graduated with a duel Bachelors degree in Economics and Business

Married Camelia


Began to work for the Securitate


Andrei was born


Andrei Ion Lacustra was born in Bucharest, Romania. Camelia and Anton's only child.

Anton defects to America


In the wake of the Brasov Rebellion, Anton decided to seek better for himself and his family, and in 87', went to the US Embassy in Germany and defected with his family. In doing so, he was estranged from his family and was labeled as a traitor by Romania, losing his Military rank and sentenced to death. At the time of his defection, he was a Colonel in the Military and was Branch Chief Director of the First Directorate. He was given a stay of political asylum by Regan.

Fairfax, Virginia

After the Lacustra's defected, they spent few years in Fairfax while Anton aided the US government.

Anton aids the US against the Eastern Bloc

11/22/1987 - 12/22/1988

When Anton arrived in the US, Anton aided the US government in investigating Romania and the Eastern Bloc. During this period, the Lacustra's, mainly Anton, were sent numerous death threats.

Anton and Family become US citizens


After a year in the states, and with mounting death threats, the Lacustra's right for legalization is confirmed.

Charlottesville, Virginia

After Anton and his family became legal, Anton decided to go back to school at the University of Virginia.

Anton gets his MBA

3/03/1989 - 03/18/1991

Anton graduated from the Darden School of Business at the University of Virginia with a MBA. During this time he greatly studied and researched finance and Wall Street.

New York

After Anton graduated he was offered a job from JP Morgan Chase, which he accepted. This would be the last time he uprooted his family.

Anton goes to work for JP Morgan Chase

04/25/1991 - 05/1/2001

Anton wound up working at JP Morgan for ten years. While doing so, he networked and gained influential partnerships. For ten years he diversified his portfolio investing in textiles, technology, real estate and oil. At the end of his run with JP Morgan , he was managing director of investment banking.

Anton leaves JP Morgan


After ten long years, Anton leaves to pay attention to other endeavors. By this time his net-worth is upwards of $350 mill.

Anton becomes CEO of McMillan and Seward

06/01/2001 - 06/01/2005

Anton merged his partnerships into one joint entity and takes control of the manufacturing company McMillan and Seward, becoming CEO. At this time he was still investing in various projects, and some shares that he bought years ago such as Apple, Ebay, and Amazon start producing record profits. His net-worth at this time is estimated to be $450 mill.

McMillan Seward reaches record profits

06/01/2005 - Present day

McMillan and Seward begin to buy up properties and companies leading Anton to become not only a multimillionaire but a near billionaire. His company is only rivaled by one other, Berkshire Hathaway in holdings and profits. His net-worth to date is recorded to be around $1.1 billion, leading him to be on Forbes top 400 richest in the world.