The Holocaust

The starting of the Holocaust till the end


Adolf Hitler

Jan 30, 1933

This is when Adolf HItler got appointed as chancellor of Germany

The Holocaust

Jan 30, 1933 - May 7, 1945


Feb 28, 1933

The German government takes away the Rights of the jews

First concentration camp

March 20, 1933

The first concentration camp is built in Nazi Germany (Dachau), the first prisoners were the political opponents.


April 7, 1933

Jewish workers and employees are fired from their jobs and are forced to lose their work

Books burned

May 10, 1933

Books by Jews and opponents of Nazism are burned publicly.


July 14, 1933

Laws are passed around Germany that permit the forced sterilisation of Gypsies, the mentally disabled, African Germans or others that are considered 'Inferior' or 'unfit'. Because Hitler was scared that it would affect the Germans race

League of Nations

October 19, 1933

Germany decides to withdraw from the League of Nations


November, 1933

In all German schools it is officially taught that "non-aryans" are racially inferior. Jewish children are prohibited to join in "Aryan" sports club, orchestras and other extracurricular activities. They are also banned from the playground and swimming pools.


August 3, 1934

Adolf Hitler declares himself president and chancellor of the Third Reich after the death of Paul von Hindenburg


October, 1934

First major wave of arrests of homosexuals occurs throughout Germany, continuing into November.


January 13, 1935

The Saar region which was part of france was took over by Germany

Treaty of Versaille

March 16, 1935

Hitler violates the Treaty of versailles by renewing the compulsory military draft

Jehovah's witnesses

April, 1935

Jehova's witnesses are banned from civil service jobs and arrested through Germany.


May, 1935

"No Jews" signs and notices are being posted outside German towns and villages, and also outside shops and restaurants.

Jews Laws

May 21, 1935

In Germany Laws were made so Jews weren't allowed to marry a German citizen, have sexual relationships between Germans and Jews. Jews were not permitted ti employ female German citizens under the age of 45 to work for them. No Jews were allowed to be a German citizen and also Jews were prohibited to join the German armed forces.


March 3, 1936

Jewish doctors are no longer permitted to practice in Government institutions in Germany


July 12, 1936

The first German Gypsies are arrested and deported to Dachau concentration camp

Olympic games

August 1, 1936

The Olympic games takes place in Berlin. Anti-Jewish signs are taken off until the games are finished.

Ministry of Science

October 15, 1936

The MInistry of science and education prohibits teaching "non-Aryans" in public schools and bans private information from Jewish teachers


July 16, 1937

Buchenwald concentration camp opens


November 16, 1937

Jews are allowed to obtain passports for travel outside of Germany only in special cases.


March 13, 1938

Germany takes over Austria

Refugee policies

July 6, 1938 - July 15, 1938

Representatives from thirty-two countries meet at Evian, France, to discuss refugee policies. Most of the countries refuse to let in more Jewish refugees.

ID cards

July 23, 1938

The German government announces that Jews have to carry Identification cards


November 7, 1938

An attempt is made by Herschel Grynzpan to assassinate a German diplomat in Paris


November 9, 1938 - November 10, 1938

The Nazi's carried out something which was called the "night of the broken glass". Where Nazi stormtroopers broke into, and smashed up, thousands of jewish shops around Germany. Jews were murdered and in some places ordinary Germans joined in and help the storm troopers.


November 12, 1938

German Jews are ordered to pay one billion Reichsmarks in reparations for damages of Kristallinacht.


November 15, 1938

All Jewish children are expelled from German schools and can attend only separate jewish schools.

Sell Businesses

December 2, 1938 - December 3, 1938

Jews must sell their businesses and real estate and hand over their jewellery to the government for very low prices.

No more Education

December 8, 1938

Jews may no longer are allowed to attend university as teachers or students.


March 15, 1939

Germany invades Czechoslovakia

Refuse to receive jews

June, 1939

Cuba and USA refuse to accept any Jewish refugees aboard the ship S.S St. Louis

Gypsies men and women sent to concentration camps

June 5, 1939

Two-thousand Gypsy males above the age of 16 are arrested in Burgenland Province (formerly Austria) and sent to Dachau and Buchenwald concentration camps; 1,000 Gypsy girls and women above the age of 15 are arrested and sent to the Ravensbruck concentration camp.

It Begins

September 1, 1939

Germany invades Poland and World War II begins

Less rationing

September 23, 1939

Jews are forced to turn in electrical objects to the police. Jews also receive less ration coupons for meat, milk etc. They also receive less ration coupons for clothing.

Star of David

November 23, 1939

Germans force Jews in Poland to wear a yellow Star of David on their chests or a blue-and-white Star of David armband.

Polish Ghetto

November 28, 1939

The first Polish Ghetto was established

Concentrated and Imprisoned

May 1, 1940 - May 7, 1940

Approximately 160,000 or more polish were imprisoned and stuck in a concentration camp


May 20, 1940

A new concentration camp is set up in Auschwitz

Biggest Ghetto

October, 1940

The biggest concentration camp was established in Warsaw


November 15, 1940

Approximately 160,000 or more Polish Jews were gassed to death and are imprisoned in the Lodz Ghetto.

Joins Axis

November 20, 1940

Hungary, Romania, and Slovakia join the Axis

Invasion of North Africa

March 24, 1941

Germany decides to invade North Africa

Forced Labor

May 15, 1941

Romania makes new Law making adult Jews to be force to work.

The mass murder begins

June 22, 1941

Germany invades the Soviet Union. The Einsatzgruppen also known as the mobile killing squad, begins the mass murder of Jews, Gypsies and Communist leaders

Before boarding the train

May 4, 1942 - May 12, 1942

Approximately, thousands of jews who had arrived in Lodz ghetto had their baggage confiscated before they even board the train.

Stars of David in Europe

June 1, 1942

Jews are required to wear the Stars of David in France and Netherlands.

Shifted to death camps

September 5, 1942 - September 12, 1942

Around fifteen thousand Jews in Lodz Ghetto are moved to Chelmno, mostly children under ten and individual over sixty-five. And by September 16, around fifty thousand Jews were moved to the death camp in Chelmno.


April 19, 1943

16 Jews who were going to be moved from Warsaw ghetto to a German death camp but they resisted and fight back from deporting to the death camp.

Ghettos Destroyed

June, 1943

The Nazis ordered for the Ghettos in Soviet Union and Poland to be destroyed.


January, 1944

The War refugee board was made by president Franklin Roosevelt

After Hungary gets invaded

May 15, 1944

The Nazis deported over 430,000 Hungarian Jews to Auschwitz

The rebels at Auschwitz

October 7, 1944

The prisoners at Auschwitz death camp rebel and blew up one of the crematorium

The March

January 17, 1945

The Nazis has cleared the people up the Auschwitz concentration camp and started to make the prisoners do the "death march" to Germany

USA comes over

April, 1945

United states went in and saved the survivors from Buchenwald and Dachau concentration camps.


April 30, 1945

Adolf hitler decides to commit suicide in his bunker in berlin because he didn't wanted to be caught alive by the soviet union


May 7, 1945

Germany surrenders and the world war in Europe ends