A Little History of the World Timeline

Ages/ major events

Ice Age

15000 bc - 10000 B.C.

Started over 2.3 million years ago. The age of Woolly Mammoths and when humans are thought to migrate to the Americas, over the bering straight.

Stone Age

10000 bc - 3500 bc

The use of stone tools is prevalent during this time period, hence the name "stone age." Splits into the Paleolithic and Neolithic ages. In the Neolithic Age animals are tamed.

Bronze Age

3500 bc - 1200 bc

The discovery in mixing Copper and Tin together to make bronze.

King Menes

3100 bc

First Pharaoh of Egypt. Sumerians create cuneiform.

King Cheops

2500 bc

Accredited with building the Great Pyramid of Giza.

King Akhenaton

1370 bc

Was notable for abandoning traditional Egyptian Polytheism and trying to make it monotheistic.

Iron Age

1200 bc - 600 bc

The widespread use of Iron weapons and tools marks the shift of the bronze age to the Iron Age.

Beginning of Islamic Calendar

622 bc

Goes according to the moon at 354 days in a year.

Classical/Roman Period

600 bc - 375 ad

The start and height of the Roman empire. Reached it's most widespread control at the reign of Trajan (117AD)

Set Jews Free/Cyrus

538 bc

The Jews were set free from Babylon under the command of Cyrus.


500 bc

The time of Gautama Buddha


495 bc - 484 bc

All people were born good, Work hard and have a strong family.

Great Wall of China

213 bc

Builds the Great wall of China but tries to get rid of all philosophical books.

Jesus Christ

0 bc

The Migrations

400 ad - 800 ad

TIme of the Germanic tribes that came from North of Italy, i.e. the Goths, Saxons, and Angles. They were pushed toward the Roman Empire due to the invasion of the Huns.

Middle Ages

400 ad - 1453 ad

Atilla the Hun

444 - 453


670 ad

Magna Carta

1215 ad

A declaration of rights for the people that no King can/should discard


1400 ad - 1600 ad

Re birth, start in Florence.

Leonardo Da Vinci

1452 ad - 1519 ad

Was the greatest thinker in this time period. He was the first to experiment he even built a winged machine.

New Age

1453 ad - 1789 ad

Independence, Intellect, skill and Knowledge.


1517 AD - 1600 AD

Luther sparks the reformation age

Scientific Revolution/ Enlightenment

1550 ad - 1800 ad

Tolerance, Reason, & Humanity.

30 years war

1618 ad - 1648 ad

Terrible war of pillage and mercenaries. Catholic vs Protestant, with the exception of France.

Tsar Peter the Great

1682 ad - 1725 ad

Built St. Petersburg in 1703 with the knowledge he had gained from working in a ship yard in holland.

King Charles XII

1697 - 1718

1707 he invaded Russia and defeated them at Poltava. Charles conquered a lot of Europe until he realized Sweden was going to elect a new King. He road back to stop this. He died in 1718 from a gunshot in a war against Norway.

French Revolution

1715 - 1800

Declaration of Independence


American Civil War

1861 - 1865

World War 1

1914 - 1918

This was a war of Germany and Austria (central powers) against the rest of the world (the entente). This was the first of it's kind with trenches, mustard gas, and airplane fights.

World War II

1939 - 1945

The war of Germany and Japan vs the world


First Olympiad

776 bc

The First Olympiad, used to keep time. The Olympics happened every 4 years.

Marathon Run

496 bc

The famous marathon run, in which the Militiades sent a messenger to warn athens of the threat of the Persian fleet.

Pericles & Acropolis

444 bc

Pericles is noted to have generated most of the structures in Acropolis i.e. the Parthenon.

Peloponnesian War

430 bc

Athens vs Sparta destroy each other for the MAcedonians to come in and take over.


384 bc - 322 bc

One of the First greatest thinkers who gathered knowledge in a wide variety of fields, was also Alexander the Great's mentor.

King Philip

338 bc

Takes over Greece and begins to set up for invasion of Persia. Macedonian king.

Alexander the Great reign

336 bc - 323 bc

Alexander dies in Babylon in 323 bc.

Roman Empire

Romulus founds Rome

753 bc

Julius Caesar

49 bc - 44 bc


31 bc - 13 ad

Was the Ruler when Jesus was born


54 ad - 68 ad

Nero became the 5th emperor of the Roman Empire. After the great fire of Rome he persecuted the Christians.


98 ad - 117 ad

Trajan made Rome beautiful with squares, shops, and monuments.

Emperor Constantine

306 ad - 337 ad

Emperor known to decree that Christians be no longer persecuted. 313 freedom of Christians.

2 States of Empire

395 ad

The Roman Empire was divided into two states, East: Greek, West: Latin.

Emperor Justinian

527 ad - 565 ad

Made the Pandects of Justinian.

Holy Roman Empire

Otto the Great

962 ad

Becomes the Holy Roman Emperor

Investiture Controversy

980 ad - 1100 ad

This was a conflict between many popes and many Emperors. The conflict was that the church believe they should be the only ones to control religious appointments.


1155 ad - 1190 ad

Barbarossa or Frederik I wanted to get money so he tried to get the Italian citizens to pay tax to no avail. He drowned in a river on a crusade with Richard the Lion-heart, and King Philip

Frederik II

1220 ad - 1250 ad

This was a Holy Roman Emperor who sat down with the Sultan who occupied Jerusalem and was granted visitation rights for people to visit.

Ignatius of Loyola

1491 ad - 1556 ad

Created the Society of Jesus aka Jesuits. Jesuits were very educated, calm, and understanding.


1517 ad

Luther sheds light on the ridiculousness of the selling of indulgences.

Battle of Vienna


20,000 men held the city from the turks until polish King Jan Sobieski saved them and drove the Turks back to where they came from.


Charles Martel

732 ad

Charles Martel, Frank leader, beats the Arabs from conquering more of Europe.

Babylonian Captivity of Popes

1305 ad - 1376 ad

The French Kings were the most powerful and help the Popes in Avignon for easier access to them when they needed them.

Hundred Years War

1337 ad - 1453 ad

This was between France and England which ultimately resulted in the same boundaries in Europe.

Huguenots Assassinated

1572 ad

The French Queen invited all the huguenots to a wedding where she promptly had them murdered.

Louis XIV

1643 ad - 1715 ad

The longest reigning king at 72 years. He built Versailles and was truly a good king. Although he taxed the peasants heavily.

King Louis XVI meeting


King Louis XVI meets with the nobles, clergy & bourgeoisie in order to deal with the economic crisis.


1790 - 1794

Robespierre was one of the leaders in the revolution who spoke out and beheaded any who didn't agree.

Beheading of Marie and Louis XVI


They were beheaded to mark the start of the "reign of Terror."



The french directorate forms in which 5 people are elected to run the country


1804 - 1814

1804 Napoleon declars himself emperor of France. Then he proceeds to take over Europe and sets his relatives in power all over his empire. He also established the Napoleonic code in 1804.


Rudolf I

1273 ad - 1282 ad

Was elected King of the Germans. Went to war and captured King Otakar's bohemia. This land was given to his sons to set up one of the most noble families in Europe; The Hapsburg's.

Defenestration of Prague

1618 ad

This action of throwing out a window started the 30 years war.

Karl Marx


Empire of Germany


Bismarck Unified Germany under one empire with many steps. Bismarck became Chancellor and Prime Minister. HE created organizations because of the terrible working conditions.

Mesopotamian Area


3100 bc

Hammurabi; Babylonian King

1700 bc

Created strict "code of Hammurabi."

Moses Leaves Egypt

1250 bc

Moses leaves Egypt to go to Jerusalem.

Nebuchadnezzar II

600 bc

Sent the Jews into exile to Babylon.


570 ad - 632 ad

The Prophet of Islam




Columbus sets off to discover a way to the West Indies.

King Philip II

1554 - 1598

Acquired from the resignation of Charles V


Battle of Hastings


The battle of Hastings was when French William the Conquerer defeated the English King.

King Henry VIII

1509 ad - 1547 ad

King Henry the VIII asked Pope for a divorce and he was denied. HE then created the Church of England in 1533 ad.

Queen Elizabeth

1558 ad - 1603 ad