timeline of nero's life

Nero's life

Birth of Nero

37 A.D.

Death of Nero's father

40 A.D.

Claudius marries Agrippina

49 A.D.

Nero is adopted as Claudius' son

50 A.D.

Nero marries Octavia

53 A.D.

Nero suceeds Claudius

54 A.D.

Death of Clauduis' son Britannicus

55 A.D.

Death of Agrippina

59 A.D.

Nero marries Poppaea

62 A.D.

Octavia divorced and killed

62 A.D.

Birth and death of Nero's daughter Claudia

63 A.D.

Great fire of Rome

64 A.D.

Persecution of the Christians

64 A.D.

Death of Poppaea

65 A.D.

Nero marries Statilia Messalina

66 A.D.

Death of Nero

68 A.D.