World War II


Treaty Of Versailles


This was the treaty to end WWI.
Many of these principles were broken by Hitler.

Neutrality Acts

1930 - 1939

These were an extenstion of the U.S policy of isolationism such as loaning money or selling weapons.

Great Depression

1930 - 1939

The Great Depression not only affected the U.S but other countries too.
Germany was hit the hardest because they still had to pay the reparations for the war.

Japan Invades China

1931 - 1937

When the Great Depression occured, Japan was a newly indusrialized country that was still dependent on raw materials and fuel.
When its economy suffered, the military leaders pushed for a policy of expansionism.
Japan first began its policy when it invaded Manchuria and then Japan invaded China to fuel the ongoing indusrialization.

Hitler Occupies Rhineland


The League of Nations appeased Germany and so Hitler took advantage that time to remilitarize Germany and occupy Rhineland.

Ethopia Invaded


Mussolini invaded Ethiopia to expand Italy's territory.
He chose to beat someone he knew he could beat.

Spanish Civil War

1936 - 1939

Germany and Italy sent troops and weapons to Spain to assist Francisco Franco.

Axis Alliance


Germany, Italy, ad Japan formed the Axis Aliiance.
Japan agreed to fight in war against Russia.

Munich Conference


The British, French, and Germans meet in Munich.
Hitler demanded that he wanted Sudetenland.
The French and British only agreed to appease Hitler if he took what he wanted and promised that his demands for more territory would cease.

Non-Aggression Pact


This was the agreement of Germany and the Soviet Union not to attack each other.

Hitler Invades Poland


Hitler invades Poland.
The Germans invaded Poland by conducting a "blitzkrieg"or a lightning war which is how the Germans defeated the French and made the British nearly surrender.

Battle Of Britain

1940 - 1941

Hitler turned to Great Britain to now battle.
He tried to use blitzkriegs but Great Britain had radars and technology that allowed them to decode secret German messages.
Great Britain managed to survive.

Lend Lease Act


This was passed by the U.S congress.
This allowed the U.S president to be able to lend or lease weapons to the Allied forces.

Hitler Betrays Stalin


Hitler tried to invade Russia but failed and a series of events led to his downfall.

Pearl Harbor


Japan attacked Pearl Harbor which angered the U.S.
It made the U.S to get involved in World War II.

Island Hopping


From now to the end of WWII, the U.S began to use a island- hopping strategy to save the lives of men.

Battle of Midway


The U.S defeated Japan which heavily damaged hundreds of Japanese planes and all of the aircraft carriers on the island.



This was the day that Allied forces began to liberate the German controlled France.
The Allied forces landed in Normandy, France.

Battle of the Bulge

12/16/1944 - 01/25/1945

This was the final batle in Germany.
This was Hitler's downfall.

VE Day


This was the day that Germany surrendered to the Allied forces.

Hiroshima and Nagasaki

8/6/1945 - 8/9/1945

Both of these island were atomically bombed by the U.S to help bring the war to a close.

VJ Day


This was when Japan announced its intention to surrender which ended World War II.