Joesphine Baker


Born Josaphine Carson 1906


Born in st. Louis, Missorui. The First kid of eddie carson who was a drummer, and Carrie Mcdonald. Before Josephine was a year old her dad left. Her mom had 3 other kids with another man.

Moved from apartment to a house with parents


She became friends with the boy next door

Married willie wells(Divorced)


Shot lived marriage, went back to waitressing

Moved out of her parents house to support herself as a waitress


Baker went out to support herself and the married a man named willie well and quit her job. The marriage didn't last long. She soon was back to waitressing.

Married willie baker


Became one of the jones family band, then joined the dixie steppers and was a dresser. Met willie while on tour with the dixie steppers, She married him and took his name.

Left her husband,went to new york city.


Baker moved to New York City,took a job as a dresser and learned all the songs and dances.

Preformed with the Dixie Steppers


Joshephine took the place of one of the dixie steppers that was injured

The "New Josephine Baker opened at the casino dde paris


The Producer, Henri Varnam bought Baker a leopard,and she and the leopard, whose name was chiquita, became a sensation in fashionable parisian circles.

Recruited by the french military intelligence agency


Baker spent world war 2 obtaining information for the bureau as an "honorable correspondent."

Josephine Baker Day


Baker was awarded her own day in honor of her efforts to fight racism.

Married Robert Brady


Baker was 69 when she married the American artist Robert Brady. The Marriage lasted one year.



Sufferd a stroke in her sleep and fell into a coma, Died later that day.