Les miserables timeline


Birth of John Valjean


John Valjean, the protagonist of this story, is born.



John Valjean is arrested for stealing food from a store.

Sent to the galleys

April 22 1796

John Valjean is found guilty from stealing and is sent to the Toulon slave galleys.

Visit to a Bishop

October 1 1815 - October 2 1815

John Valjean, who seems to be freed from the slave galleys, wanderes around for places to rest. He entered the town of Digne and is welcomed at a Bishops house who's name is Bishop Myriel. The next day he steals the bishops silver candlesticks and attempts to run away.

He is soon caught, and softened by the bishops forgiveness, John Valjean repents of his hatred and sin and leaves peacefully with the candlesticks and the Bishops blessing.

New life

November 1815

John Valjean entered the town of Montreuil sir Mer, eager to start a new life here.

At this town, technology is also starting to advance rapidly.

Election prize


John, after putting down numerous attempts to elect him as the mayor of Montreuil sur Mer, finally accepts the job.

John Valjean, fearing for anybody who would find out about his past, such as the fearless policeman Javert, he changed his name from John Valjean to Monsieur Madeleine.

The promise

June 1 1823

John meets Fantine, A poor widow who sent her daughter to live with the evil thenardier's, is now in terrible debt to them. Fantine was soon arrested (by javert) for scratching a man that was making up of her. John promise's to bring back her daughter (Cosette).

Fantine soon died in the hospital that day, and John was arrested for sticking up for her to Javert.

To the galley's again

June 25 1823

John escapes from his jail, but is soon recaptured again on the way to his route to Paris. He was sent to the galleys at Toulon for the second time.

Second freedom

November 16 1823

John Valjean escapes yet again from the galley's at Toulon.

Finder's Keeper's

December 24 1823

John find's Cosette and takes her away from the thenardiers -for a hefty price.

High chase

December 25 1823 - January 1824

John and Cosette go back and fro to different houses to stay in, knowing they are constantly being pursued by javert and the police. They finally take safe refuge in a gardeners home whom John recognizes from his mayorship.
And so they stay there for some time. (place is near Austerlitz bridge)

Marius's freedom


Marius- a former royalist and Grandson of Guillenormand, leaves his home.

He had just witnessed his fathers death (Marius did not know his father). His father was a devout Revolutionist, and Marius decided to change his way's to his fathers ways.

Guillenormand could not stand his grandson's change (as he himself was a complete royalist) and so kicked him out of the house.

Marius also learned that his father was saved in battle by a comrade. Marius says to himself that he is indebted to his father's saviour. The comrades name: Thenardier

Great shock

December 1831

Marius find's out that thenardier, his father's saviour was actually a dirty bandit eager for money.



Louis Phillipe is made king of france.

Time together

April 1832 - June 1832

Marius and Cosette meet each other almost every single day together in the Rue Plumet gardens. Their relationship grows with nobody around them.

First meet

April 1832

Marius and Cosette, who have now grown up to be bright youths of their age, properly see each other (not the first time) at the Rue Plumet gardens.

Permission denied

June 4 1832

Marius (who is now completely in love with Cosette) re-visits his grandfather to marry Cosette.
His permission was denied.

While Marius was at his grandfathers house, John Valjean felt it was not safe to stay there any longer. They prepare to go to London.
Cosette could not disobey her guardians commands.

The civil war

June 5 1832 - June 6 1832

ABC, the organization Marius had joined in create barricades to oppose the government. Marius and eventually John Valjean joined the group to fight for independence.
Javert who was there as a spy for the police, is caught.
John Valjean saves Javery by letting him go.
The group holds out until the next day, in which the royal battalion bring in cannons to destroy the barricade and managed to kill most of the people in ABC. John Valjean carry's out the unconcious Marius and saves him from death.

Javert, ashamed that he has been saved by a criminal, suicides soon thereafter.


February 16 1833

Cosette and Marius finally marry together.

Thenardier's visit

October 1833

Thenardier arrives at the household attempting to degrade John Valjean by showing his crimes, whilst actually showed proof that he performed miraculous deeds that were kept hidden from most people.

Marius pays his debt to Thenardier unwillingly by throwing sacks of money at him.

Death of John Valjean

October 20 1833

John Valjean knows he cannot keep Cosette any longer and is in pain. He soon dies in mid October, leaving behing and enourmous amount of money to his new family.