World War II

1931,1935,1939,1941- 1945

WWII events

Japan Invades Manchuria

1931 - 1932

Japan wanted to expand its empire and picked Manchuria for its Coal and Oil

Mussolini takes Ethiopia

1935 - 1936

Italy's Dictator, Mussolini, wanted needed to boost the economy and test their military. So they decided to invade the small country of Ethiopia.

Japan Invaded the Rest of China

1937 - 1938

Overall, Japan Invaded the rest of China because they wanted to build their military, empire and gain more natural resources.

Pearl Harbor

1941 - 1942

The Japanese flew over and attacked an american naval base(Pearl Harbor) in order to ensure they could take over the Phillipines with no trouble.

Germany Invades USSR

1941 - 1942

Germany breaks there treaty with the Soviet Union and attacks them.

Battle of Coral Sea

1942 - 1943

The US took their aircraft carriers and sailed south of Indonesia to prevent Japan from moving troops any farther south.

Battle of El Alamein

1942 - 1943

The US push Germans out of North Africa.(Russia is not satisfied)

Battle of Midway

1942 - 1943

The US stopped Japan from moving troops east (United States). We sank 4 of their aircraft carriers. It was a draw.

Battle of the Bulge

1944 - 1945

The US and Britain troops start to move into Germany, but the Germans fight back and make a bulge in our attack line but we hold our position and win.

The Battle of D-Day

1944 - 1945

US and Britain troops take back France.

VJ Day

1945 - 1946

Victory in Japan day is the day Japan decided to surrender. Right after the US dropped the second atomic bomb on Nagasaki

VE Day

1945 - 1946

Victory in Europe Day was the date when Germany surrendered.

Mcfarland Event

Mcfarland Boys Scouts

1938 - 1939

The Mcfarland Boyscout Troop was created

Two Causes of WWII

Rise of Facist Dictators

1931 - 1945

After WWI, Europe and many other countries across the globe went into a economic depression or the Great Depression. So as a solution, a lot of countries chose dictators to help get out. These Dictators (Hitler, Mussolini, and Tojo) were facist and favored big business. This helped there economy and their popularity. As these Facist Dictators begin to gain more and more power they feel the need to expand there empire.

Asia for Asians

1931 - 1945

Japan was running out of resourses, and felt they needed to build their empire. They began by taking over Manchuria.

Germany's Revenge

1939 - 1945

Germany felt betrayed and tricked when Britain and France had taken their military in order to end the war. They thought they would get part of the Treaty of Versailles and they didn't. Adolf HItler, the German dictator, was furious and felt they should be punished