Australian History


Sydney Cove

1788 - 1789

11 British ships arrived in Sydney Cove. The land was used as the English convicts prison. But after time the land began to prosper

Voting in Australia begins

1842 - 1843

A select group of people could vote for the council. This was called a qualified vote

Establishment of colonies

1850 - 1851

The establishment of 6 separate colonies with their own constitution.

Gold Discovered

1851 - 1852

Gold was first discovered in Victoria. Miners from all over the world flocked to the Victorian goldfields.

Miners Licences introduced

1851 - 1852

Miners licences were introduced into the goldfields. Miners were forced to pay to mine

Eureka Stockade

1854 - 1855

22 miners and 4 soldiers were killed in the Eureka Stockade. Miners licences were then abolished and miners had the right to vote.

South Australian men got the vote

1856 - 1857

South Australia followed Victoria in allowing all men to vote

Men in NSW could vote

1857 - 1858

Men in NSW were allowed to vote

Women's suffrage league began

1888 - 1889

Women in South Australia started the women's suffrage league which was aimed at getting women the vote

The constitution was formed

1890 - 1891

People in colonies voted in referendum to form the constitution

South Australian women were granted the vote

1894 - 1895

In South Australia the first law was passed where women could vote

Federation begun

1901 - 1902

Commonwealth of Australia had begun

Men and women could vote officially

1902 - 1903

Commonwealth gave men and women the rights to vote officially

Voting became compulsory in Australia

1924 - 1925

Everyone in Australia had to vote

Aboriginal people could vote

1962 - 1963

Aboriginal people were finally granted the vote

Aboriginals were counted in the official census

1967 - 1968

A referendum was held to alter the constitution for aboriginals to be counted in the official census

The voting age was lowered

1973 - 1974

The federal parliament lowered the voting age from 21 to 18

Aboriginal voting became compulsory

1984 - 1985

Aboriginal voting was compulsory