The Life Of Aiden MacAluey


Entrance into America

March 1 1861 - March 2 1861

I am an Irish immigrant and came here to seek a better life. I am accompanied by my wife, 3 children, and my father’s illegitimate daughter.

Battle of Fort Sumter

April 12 1861 - April 14 1861

The Civil War outbreak... I wonder how this will affect my life.

Hard Beginnings

August 1 1861 - August 2 1861

In early August my sister became very sick. There was little money to help with here care, so I enlisted in the army on August 19, 1861. I did decided to do this so I could collect the bounty.

The Battle of Fort Henry

February 6, 1862 - February 7, 1862

This was the very first battle I fought in.

Battle of Seven Pines

May 31 1862 - June 1 1862

This was the second battle I fought in... though the battle was moderate in length, no one actually won.

Battle of Antietam

September 17 1862

This was one of the worst times in my life... I am lucky to be alive. This was the absolute bloodiest battle of the war. Luckily my army won, or else I may not be alive.

Battle of Fredricksburg

December 1862

This was a failed attempt to turn around Robert Lee. There were twice as many deaths on our side as Gen. Lee's The battle did not end as well for me however... I received a shot in the leg right before the battle was over.

December 24

December 24 1862

The bullet wound was getting worse, so they eventually used one of the new technologies, a tourniquet. However, It was too late to stop the bleeding, eventually, too late for me. Due to the not so excellent medical care of the time. I died on December 24, 1862. I had not seen my family in over a year.