Realist Fiction research timeline- Alexandria Egypt

story will be set 50 BC- 40 BC, mainly focused of the fire of the Library of Alexandria


Demetrius of Phaleron

350 BC - 280 BC

organized the Library of Alexandria
inspired the creation of the Mouseion (modern university)

Ptolemy I

323 BC - 283 BC

conceived and opened the Library of Alexandria

Ptolemy II

283 BC - 246 BC

son of Ptolemy I
furthered the elaboration of the Library of Alexandria

Eratosthenes of Cyrene

276 BC - 195 BC

Librarian of Alexandria

Julius Caesar

100 BC - 44 BC

assassinated in 44 BC


100 BC - 47 BC

eunuch regent for Ptolemy XIII

Mark Antony

83 BC - 30 BC

Cleopatra VII

69 BC - 30 BC

Augustus (Octavian)

63 BC - 14 AD

founder of the Roman Empire

Ptolemy XIII

62 BC - 47 BC

Ptolemy XIV

60 BC - 44 BC

Arsinoe IV

56 BC - 41 BC

daughter to Ptolemy XII
half-sister to Cleopatra VII, Ptolemy XIII, Ptolemy XIV


47 BC - 30 BC

son of Cleopatra VII and Julius Caesar
full name: Ptolemy XV Philopator Philometer Caesar
AKA: Ptolemy Caesar, Little Caesar

Augustus adopted by Caesar

44 BC

Augustus adopted by great-uncle Caesar (after assassination)


Caesar's Civil War

49 BC - 45 BC

Caesar versus Pompey

Caesar conquers Alexandrea

48 BC

Pompey beheaded

48 BC

Pompey beheaded by Pothinus to gain favor with Caesar

Battle of the Nile

47 BC

Siege of Alexandria

47 BC

Arsinoe IV- war prisoner

46 BC

Arsinoe IV taken as a war prisoner by Julius Caesar to Rome

Liberator's War

44 BC - 42 BC

the Second Triumvirate (Octavian, Lepidus, Antony) versus The Liberators (Brutus, Cassius, Caesar's assassins)

Post-Caesarian War

44 BC - 43 BC

Roman Senate versus Antony and Lepidus

Battle of Actium

31 BC

Augustus (Rome) versus Antony (Ptolemaic Egypt)

Battle of Alexandria

30 BC

AKA Final War of the Roman Republic

Rulers rise and fall

Ptolemy III ruled

246 BC - 222 BC

built the Serapeum temple

First Triumvirate

60 BC - 53 BC

Caesar, Crassus, Magnus
unofficially controlled the Roman Republic

Cleopatra and Ptolemy XIII rule

51 BC - 47 BC

Ptolemy XIII succeeds father (Ptolemy XII) by marrying his sister, Cleopatra VII who is established ruler

Senior rulers

50 BC

Ptolemy XIII and Cleopatra VII made senior ruler of Egypt

Ptolemy XIII attempts to usurp Cleopatra VII

48 BC

Cleopatra VII enstated as Egyptian ruler

47 BC

Cleopatra installed by Caesar

Cleopatra VII and Ptolemy XIV rule

47 BC - 44 BC

Ptolemy XIV succeeds brother (Ptolemy XIII) after his death, marries sister Cleopatra VII to co-rule Egypt

Cleopatra VII and Caesarion rule

44 BC - 30 BC

Cleopatra VII co-rules with son by Caesar, Caesarion until death

Second Triumvirate

43 BC - 33 BC

Octavian Augustus, Mark Antony, Marcus Lepidus
created to bring Caesar's assasins to justice
falls apart when Lepidus is exiled and Antony commits suicide

Augustus gains complete control

30 BC

Octavian gains complete control of Alexandria, and all of Egypt

Augustus rules Roman Empire

27 BC - 14 AD

Augustus rules the Roman Empire from the Roman Republic

Alexandria events

Alexandria becomes Egypt's capital

352 BC

'Rhacotis' renamed Alexandria

331 BC

renamed by Alexander the Great
was a small fishing port, transformed into trade hub, eventually became capital

Ptolemaic Dynasty

305 BC - 30 BC

Serapeum Temple

300 BC - 391 AD

built by Ptolemy III 300 BC for public use
destroyed by Christians 391 AD

Library of Alexandria

283 BC - 48 BC

built by Ptolemy I and Ptolemy II in 283 BC
burned and destroyed by Caesar 48 BC

Caesareum Temple built

100 BC