Canada history 1860-1880


messages were hand written


carriges or walking


Carrriges or walking instead of cars. Hand made clothes

men and woman


men where tinsmiths, blacksmithsand worked at mills. everyone in the family had a job. women cooked cleaned and did the laundry

Joseeph howe

january 1861

Joseoh Howe became the premier of Nova Scotis

Queen victoria

december 13 1861

the hussband of brittians Queen Victoria dies at the age of 42

tribal war

july 15 1870

the last tribal war is fought on the prairies between the cree and the blackfoot over hunting territories

legislative council of manitoba


the first legislative council of manitoba sat for the first time

native treaty 2


treaty number 2 was concluded with chippewa of manitoba ,who ceded land from the mouth of winnpeg river to the northern shoves of lake manitoba. across the assinibione riverto the united states frontier

mary celeste.

december 5 1872

the mary celeste was empty on the alantic ocean

nelly McClumg


one of the famous five;noteable suffrogist, politcian and a writer



was in corporated as a city in 1873



north west mounties astablished to keep the new terrritories under control


july 1 1873

Prince Edward Island joined confederation



riel was elected th the house of commons but can not take the seat

Lucy Maund montgomery

1874 - 1942

Famous canadianauther who wrote the Anne of Green Gables book

superme court


canadian parliament cerated the supreme court of canada, the court sat for the first time in january 17 1876

lietenant governor

12/15/1876 - 07/25/1879

the honourable Luc Letellier de saint just was appointed Quebec's 3rd lietenant governor, serving until july879

university of montreal and western ontario


the university of montreal and the university of western Ontario were incoroprated

Secret Ballot

september 17 1878

a secret ballot used for the first time in federal general elevtion

Conservatives Regain Power


In the federal election, the Conservatives regained power with 137 seats to the Liberals' 69. Sir John A. Macdonald became prime minister again.

sandford fleming

february 8 1879

sandford fleming first proposed to divide the world into 24 equal time zones witha standard time with in each zone. his idea was adopted by 24 countries at a confrence in 1884