French Revolution


Financial Crisis of 1783-1788

1783 - 1788

A time in France when France's government is hit with financial problems like unfair taxation, power abuses and debt.

Creation of the National Assembly

1789 - 1791

A transitional body between the Estates-General and the National Constituent Assembly.

Counter revolution

1789 - 1799

A time in France where certain people like nobles, ecclesiastics, and some bourgeois went against France, they abandoned the struggles of their country and emigrated.

Estates General

1/1/1789 - 12/31/1789

The Estates General was a legislative assembly of the different classes of French subjects.

Tennis Court Oath

06/20/1789 - 06/21/1789

An oath taken by deputies of the Third Estates believing that the newly formed National Assembly was to be banned.

Storming Bastille

7/13/1789 - 7/14/1789

Storming Bastille occurred in Paris, France where the French stormed a French prison known as the Bastille.

Great Fear

7/20/1789 - 7/21/1789

A fear in France caused by pheasants where they would arm themselves and attack houses.

Declaration of Rights of Man and the Citizen

08/26/1789 - 08/27/1789

A French document drafted by Emmanuel Sieyes that asserted the equality of men and the sovereignty of the people.

Creation of the National Convention

1792 - 1795

Comprised the constitutional and legislative assembly and held executive power in France during the first years of the French First Republic.

Execution of Louis XVI

1/21/1793 - 1/22/1793

Killing of Louis XVI by the Guillotine at the Place de la Revolution.

Actions of the National Convention

4/6/1793 - 4/7/1793

The National Convention creates the Committee of Public Safety.

Reign of Terror

9/5/1793 - 7/5/1794

A point during the French Revolution where terrors spread across France. The fears were caused by Robespierre and the Jacobin's, where they address political and economic threats across Europe.

Napoleons Rise

1799 - 1800

A time in France where Napoleon Bonaparte got complete power of France.

Napoleonic Reforms

1804 - 1805

Napoleons makes some changes in laws, education, and government. In law, he gave everyone equal rights(except blacks and woman), he centralized the government and built new schools for boys ages 10-16.

Invasion of Russia

1812 - 1813

Napoleon invades Russia which becomes a huge turning point in the French Revolution. It reduced the French and allied invasion forces which triggered a shift in European politics.

Exile to Elba

5/4/1814 - 3/20/1815

Napoleon leaves France and stays on the island of Elba and returns to France just under a year later. He had to keep watch of French and Australian guards around the island.

Congress of Viena

9/4/1814 - 6/1/1815

Conference of ambassadors between European states. This conference was to settle issues in the French Revolution.

Battle of Waterloo

6/18/1815 - 06/19/1815

Prussian and British forces under Blucher and the Duke of Wellington routed the French forces under Napoleon Bonaparte.