French Revolution

By Becca Tenwinkel


Napoleon Rise to Power

August 15 1769 - May 5 1821

Napoleon was known as a leader to some and tyrant to some people. Napoleon fought in many wars. When the pope died he took over for the French



The king refuse to give up traditional tax

Financial Crisis

1787 - 1789

1787- Charles Alexander de Calonne was remove in April from his post and was replaced with Etienne Charles de Lomenie de Brienne

July through September


During the mouth July through September the prices want high on the grain (poor harvest)


1789 - 1815

The causes of the Counter-Revolution was when the French Revolution started in 1789 it remainder of the west Europe was watching them.

Tennis Court Oath


The Tennis Court Oath was a event during the first days of the French Revolution.

Tennis Court Oath


It was a pledge sign by 576 members from the Third Estate

National Assembly


National Assembly was June 17 1789 through July 9 1789

June 17 1789-July 9 1789


May 5 1789 had been called to deal with the France financial crisis

Declaration of the Rights of Man and the Citizen


The Declaration of Man and Citizen was adopted in August 26 1789.

Great Fear


The Great Fear started by

Great Fear 1789


July 17 1789 was the start of the French Revolution also know as the Great Fear



Paris was known asBastille



King Louis XVI summoned to propose his government.

Estates General of 1789


1789- On May 5 1789, was the meeting of Estate General

National Assembly

June 17 1789 - July 9 1789

On May 5 1789 Estate-General called to deal with France

Storming of the Bastille 1789

July 14 1789

July 14 1789 was the Storming of the Bastille in Paris France

National Convention

September 20 1792 - October 26 1795

The National Convention was assembly of France. During the first year of the French First Republic the executive power.

Execution of Louis XVI

January 21 1793

On January 21 1793 Louis XVI was killed, it was the major invent in The French Revolution.

Reign of Terror

September 5 1793 - July 28 1794

The Reign of Terror was also known as The Terror. It was after the French Revolution. Many people dead during the Terror.

Napoleonic reforms


March 28 1804 the code was written and accessible law.

Invasion of Russia


In 1812 the French plain to invasion Russia (also known as Russian Campaign). It was the turn point of the French Revolution.

Exile to Elba

April 11 1814

The British was etching from 1814 in the celebration of Napoleon's first exile to Elba.

Congress of Vienna

September 1814 - June 1815

It was a conference of the ambassadors of European states.

Battle of waterloo

June 18 1815

The Battle of Waterloo was fought on June 18 1815. The leader for French was Napoleon. Russia, Austria, Prussia, and the United Kingdom plain to defeat Napoleon, but he was ready to fight