French Revolution


The financial crisis

11/15/1787 - 1789

The financial Crisis is one of the causes of the Revolution.
France was deeply in debt, France borrowed huge sums of money to spend on wars, including the american revolution.This goes against the revolution.

Estate General


One of the first events of the Revolution
This was the first meeting since 1614 of the estates general.
This goes with the declaration.

Tennis Court Oath


The Tennis Court Oath was a result of the growing discontent of the Third Estate in France. The deputies of the Third Estate were coming together for a meeting to discuss the reforms proposed by Necker the Prime Minister. This goes with the declaration

Storming of the Bastille


A huge Bloodthirsty mob marched to the Bastille searching for gun powder and prisoners that had been taken by King Louis XVI. The mob went through the streets chopping off peoples heads, the national guard tried stopping them but it didn't work. This goes against the declaration.

Creation of National Assembly


The National Assembly laid the groundwork for what was going to be a very long and bloody revolution. The Assembly motivated the agrarian population to move and rebel against the aristocracy. A lot of the nobles that didn't support the Assembly fled the country. This goes with the declaration because there creating something

The Great Fear

7/20/1789 - 8/5/1789

There were rumors going around among the peasants that nobles hired bandits to march through the villages and destroy the peasant's new harvest and their homes. In response to that the peasant's went crazy and searched through castles of the nobles and burned documents known and terriers, were recordings of feudal obligations and were locked in the "chateaux." This goes against the revolution because its freedom of speech.

Declaration of the Rights of Man and the Citizen


The declaration of the Rights of man and the citizen is the constitution of the French Revolution. This goes with the declaration because there the same thing

counter Revolution

1792 - 1797

Counter Revolution is basically anyone that disapproves the revolution. There was one that happened during this revolution. This goes with the declaration because of freedom of speech.

Creation of National Convention

9/20/1792 - 10/26/1795

This happened during the most critical time of the French revolution. The national convention was elected to provide a new constitution for the country after the overflow of the monarchy. second number in the declaration.

important actions of the national convention


it was important because it provided a new constitution for the country after the overflow of the monarchy. It goes with the declaration because its the second number in the declaration.

execution of king louis


King Louis arrived in the wrong time. He was very overwhelmed with everything that was happening.In July of the following year, the mobs of Paris stormed the hated prison at the Bastille which started the French Revolution. Feeling the power was shifting to
their side, the mob forced the to take Louis and his family to prison. This goes against the declaration because they executed the king, it was for a good reason but they still did it.

Reign of terror


During the Reign of Terror thousands and thousands of people were executed. If you were a so called "traitor" of the revolution you were executed. This is not in favor of the Declaration because they were basically killing people if they THOUGHT they were traitors.

important Napoleonic reforms

1795 - 1799

He overthrew the Directory, and set up the Consulate, where Napoleon became the first Consul. This is for the declaration

Napoleans rise to power

1795 - 1799

In 1799 Napoleon returned from the Egyptian Campaign. Napolean was known as an excellent strategist who had gained the respect of his men through bravery and courage under fire, meticulous planning and an unconventional approach to warfare. This is for the declaration.

Invasion of Russia


All of Continental Europe was under napoleons control. The invasion of Russia was an attempt to force Tsar Alexander I to submit once again to the terms of a treaty that Napoleon had imposed upon him four years earlier. This is against the declaration

Exile to Elba


On april 11th Napolean emperor of France and one of the greatest military leaders in history leaves the throne and in the Treaty of Fontainebleau is sent to the Mediterranean island of Elba. This is in favor of the declaration

Congress of Vienna

11/1/1814 - 6/8/1815

As agreed at the first Treaty of Paris in 1814, a congress of the Great Powers of Europe met at Vienna to settle the future boundaries of the continent. This is in favor of the declaration

Battle of Waterloo


23,000 British troops with 44,000 allied troops and 160 guns against 74,000 French troops and 250 guns. This is in favor of the declaration