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Financial Crises

July 1, 1787

The financial crises were financial problems the French were going through. Because of the high life the nobles, queens and kings lived and the amount of money they borrowed, France went into debt and faced bankruptcy. This is important because now, the people see how the rich were misusing the countries money and how they were ruining the economy. The king even tried to tax the Second Estate to get more money. This goes against the French Revolution because citizens have the right to decide the duration of taxes, not one person who needs more money because he wasted it all.

Counter Revolution


The counter revolution was when a group of people that didn't like the idea of that people were revolting against France, so they decided to revolt against the revolutionist. This is important because there were still people who believed in the old tradition and didn't want others to change it. This goes with the Declaration because people have the right to make their own choices. If people feel its wrong to revolt against the government and they decided to revolt against them, they have a right to do so. It would be going against the Declaration if they started hurting the revolutioners.

The great fear

March 1, 1789

The great fear was a panic that was going around due to the fall of Bastille. People thought the king would punish them and end the revolution because of this. This was important because it lead to rumors and other wild stories cause people to rebel and destroy things such as records of feudal dues and rents. They also burned nobel houses. This goes against the Declaration because it says liberty consists in the in the freedom to do everything which injures no one else. People were getting injured during the great fear.

Estates General

May 5, 1789

This was a meeting between Estates trying to settle issues such as taxes. Because of unfair voting methods, the Third Estate wanted to change the process because Usually the First and Second Estate voted together outvoting the Third Estate. When the King refused to change the process, The third Estate proclaimed themselves legislators. This was important because finally the Third Estate wanted to make things fair and have the majority vote and make changes, not just one small group. This goes with the French Declaration because all citizens have the right to decide the law, not just a specific group.

Creation of National Assembly

June 17, 1789

The Third estate created the National Assembly which was an a totally new government to depart from France's monarchy. This was important because now the Third Estate have their own set of laws and rules and are not stuck to rules set against them. I think this supports the French Declaration because people were feeling oppressed by the French government and now this is a way for them to live more free and under fair rules.

Tennis Court Oath

June 20, 1789

This is an oath signed by people in the Third Estate that stated the unfair treatment to the Third Estate. It talked about the unjust the kings and nobles were performing. The oath was signed in the tennis court because they were locked out of Estates General meeting. This was significant because The Third Estate were writing down things that were bothering them and that they think they are being treated unfairly. This supports the French Declaration because people have the freedom of speech and expression. The Third estate expressed and talked about the problems that were occurring.

storming bastille

July 14, 1789

The storming of Bastille was a riot due to fear. Members of the National Assembly feared the king was going to use violence to end their meetings so they decided to get weapons to protect themselves from the king. A group of Parisians went to Bastille, a prison, to get weapons. The prison held people who disrespected the monarchy. The mod saw this prison as oppression. When trying to negotiate to get weapons from the prison, fire was exchanged between the mob and the guards causing them to raid the prison. This was important because this became a “powerful symbol of the French Revolution.” (Human Legacy Book pg, 199). They were taking matters in their own hands and weren't standing down anymore. This supports the declaration because have the rights to resist oppression. This also goes against the Declaration because people were getting killed. The Declarations says liberty consists in the in the freedom to do everything which injures no one else but people were killing each other.

Declaration of the Rights of Man and of the Citizen

August 26, 1789

This is piece of the Declaration that “states the principles of the French Revolution and shows the strong influence of Enlightened ideas.” (Human Legacy Book pg, 199). This is significant because it points out natural rights for human and how we should live. This goes with the Declaration because it describes our rights and duties of being a human and citizen.

Creation of National Convention

september 20, 1792

This was a group who wanted to create a new constitution for France. They wanted to make the rights and laws for people. This was important because they wanted to set the new standards for France. The National Convention abolished monarchy and created France a republic which is really important because now, laws and treatment are fair to everyone and France has a new government system. This goes with the French Declaration because now that France is a republic, everyone has the right to choose for themselves and have liberty just as the Declaration says that people should have these rights.

Important Actions of the National Convention

September 22, 1792

the National Convention abolished France monarchy allowing them to become a Republic. This is important because now, people aren't under a king and a queen but now everyone was equal. People now have the right to decide for themselves and not let a specific person(s) choose for them. This goes with the French Declaration because people have right to liberty and freedom and a republic government allows them to do this.

Execution of Louis XV

January 21 1793

The execution is when King Louis was decapitated because of all the crimes he committed such as treason. Because of his crime, he was sent to the guillotine. His wife was also decapitated. This was important because the King and Queens reign over France was finally ended. They weren't over the country anymore. This goes against the French Declaration because the Declaration says people are able to do whatever they want as long as it does not injure others. The King and queen were both killed which is a pretty big injury.

Reign of Terror

September 5, 1793

The reign of terror was series of war against France. France started a civil war and countries such as Spain Austria and many other countries were at war with France. The reign of terror was important because there was a lot of bloodshed. Nobles, men, women, and even nuns were killed. This goes against the French Declaration because so many innocent lives were taken. Its against the declaration to injure others.

Important Napoleonic Reforms

March 21 1804

An important reform Napoleon made was the Napoleonic code. This code touched on all different things such as family and law. The code stated men were the head of the families and controlled the house. The women were unequal to mean. The code was based on civil rights. This was important because this reform was for the benefit for men. Itshowed discrimination and sexim. This goes against the French Declaration because everyone is created equal, the code made women less than men.

Napoleon’s Rise to Power

May 18, 1804

Napoleon was the next leader of France after France created its new government. He was an important figure to France and had a lot of power. His rise was important because even though France had a republic government, Napoleon had total control and he was the main leader but the French loved him. He was very respected economic and military leader. This goes with the Declaration because people have the right to have representatives to voice their ideas.

Invasion of Russia

June 24 1812

The Invasion of Russia was a war that Napoleon lead in order to take control of Russia. It was important because Napoleon need to take over Russia to have mastered Europe and to continue his title as an undefeated war leader. Unfortunately, Napoleon was defeated and many of his men were lost during the last battle. This goes with the Declaration because its not against the Declaration to go to war.

Exile to Elba

April 11, 1814

The Exile to Elba was when Napoleon was sent to Elba because of after his lost to Russia. He was thought to give up on this war and this is what caused him to be exiled. This was important because even though Napoleon was such a good figure and military leader for France, he was basically banished from France and sent to live in another place.

Congress of Vienna

November 1, 1814

The meeting of Vienna set out the “boundaries” ( Source 2 Quote) of Europe. The meeting also discussed “issues arising from the French Revolutionary Wars, “ and the, “Napoleonic wars.” ( Source 3 Quotes). This was important because now, the different territories can come together and discuss plans for the future and what belongs to who after the wars. This goes with the declaration because poeple have the right to freedom. If the congress wanted to divide land and talk about future plans they have the right to do so.

Battle of Waterloo

June 18, 1815

The Battle of Waterloo was when the French were defeated by the Seventh Coalition. It was a very long and hard war. It was important because it was the final defeat of Napoleon. His glorious reign of war victories were declining.This goes with the French Declaration because people have the right to go to war if necessary.