Rita Dove




Rita Dove was born in August year of 1952 to her parents of Ray Dove and Elvria Hord in Akron,



She graduated from Bucthel High School in 1970 and went to Miami University and then taught at a college as a teacher after graduating.



Rita was always interests in poem and was a musician and like to write poetry and she had hundreds of poems published and written and had alot of poems that also got turned into dramas. and this started in high school and also had interests starting in elementary.Rita also liked dancing and having some free time with her daughter and her husband.



Rita got married to her husband Fred Viebahn in 1979, who was a writer like her. Soon after had their first daughter in 1983 who was named Aviva and lived in Charlotteville, Virgina. They were very much good together and traveled alot and was seen as a great couple, and are still together.

Poems of Rita Dove

1980 - Present

Rita dove had lots of poems and she was excellent writer and had poems that inspired alot of people and was great at what she did and some of her poems she turned in to a drama like the drama" The Darker Face of the Earth" in 1994 and she wrote novels to like," Through the Ivory Gate" in 1992 and she also she had poems like" Amercian Smooth", in 2004," On the Bus With Rosa Parks" in 1999 and also " Mothers Love" in 1995. She had many more poems and was very much good at that and she was a poem writer that inspired everyone that read her poem and those who were movivated by her.


1981 - 1989

Taught creative writing at Arizona University



She won the Pulitzer Prize for her poems and got the name of Poet Lautrate and was the first black lady to be named that . and Rita has had several prizes and acheivements attached to her name as the years she taught from year to year.