My Spiritual Journey

A timeline of my spiritual life




Born to a soft spoken Christian family with two loving parents.

Gave my life to Christ (ish)


In Mrs Finny's 1st grade sunday school class she asked if we wanted to live with Christ forever, if so she asked us to raise our hands, I did so.

In and Out Church Goer

01/01/2001 - 06/01/2009

I was one of the only girls in my Sunday School classes and thus HATED going. I eventually just stopped altogether

Changed Schools


I changed schools due to the poor teaching staff at my old school. I lost many of the friends that I had. It was a challenge but one that I faced.

Meeting Best Friend


I met my best friend this year. We were both going through some very similar things. I am still not 100% sure if this relationship helped or hurt my relationship with Christ. I learned a lot about who God wasn't and what he didn't intend in my life though her, which are things that definitely still stick with me.

Started regularly attending Youth Group


Once I got into high school there were a lot more girls in Youth group and I was invited by one of the girls at school and decided to go. Though the relationships I built with the Youth pastor and his wife I really began to see what a functional Christian life looked like.

Went on a Missions trip to Jamaica

06/20/2009 - 06/29/2009

I deiced to go on a missions trip to Jamaica where I felt Gods love for the first time in a real tangible way.

Gave my life to Christ


For real this time :)

Missions Trip to Honduras

07/11/2010 - 07/17/2010

This was the first time that God opened my eyes to the possibility of missions as more then just a hobby or something to do during my summer.

Became a Student Leader


I began to work as a student leader with my youth group which meant that I mentored two freshman girls. Building up those two relationships, both very different, and watching them grow has been one of the best experiences of my life.

Sunday School Teacher

10/23/2011 - 08/11/2012

I was the kindergarden and first grade sunday school teacher and averaged 14 students a sunday. It was insane! For the first time God really taught me what it looks like to have child like faith.

Children's Camp Councilor

06/27/2012 - 06/30/2012

I got to fully see what it meant for a child to turn to God. It was amazing, I have no words!



I decided to take a step of faith and be baptized, and with that I shared my (almost) full testimony for the first time. While I am still not super comfortable with being vulnerable, and sharing all of my life with everyone, God really opened my eyes to the idea that I will not be judged and ridiculed if I do so, rather I should be meet with love and Kindness. And with that I began to learn that I need to be that person who listens to others if I want to be the person who wants to be listened to.

Moved to Taylor


I took a huge leap of faith and moved five hours away to a place where I didn't know anybody. I am still not sure why God has decided to put me here, but I am sure I will someday.