7. Ethier Cameron Pearl Timeline Kino

Project for the book The Pearl


Day 1


Kino, Coyitito and Juana were in their little hut house and later a scorpion came out of no where and stung Coyitito in the shoulder. When Coyitito got stung Juana tried to treat her baby, by sucking the venom out of the baby. Sooner or later the family decide to take the baby to the rich doctor. When they went to the doctor the doctor ask ''Do you have any money?'' and when Kino answered ''No". The doctor's servant closed the door and answered ''The doctor does not have time for you''.
So after the doctor visit Kino, Juana and Coyitito went on a boat ride to fish. And the ended up fishing for a beautiful pearl. Anyone who had a pearl was the richest, luckiest person alive.

Day 2


The next day Kino, Juana and the baby went to go sell the pearl. The village of huts knew this was a special day for Kino's family. Kino's family was very poor. Kino, Juana and Coyitito went to the first buying twirling his coin between his finger and when Kino said ''We have a pearl'' Kino showed the buyer the pearl and the buyer froze! The buyer knew that pearl was the pearl of the world, The best pearl ever seen. And the business of pearl buying you always want to bid the lowest and sell the highest. So the buyer offered 1000 pesos. So during the night Juana tried to take the pearl and to throw pearl in the ocean.

Day 3


Later that night 2 men came while Kino stopped Juana. And when those men came and Kino happened to killed one. So they tried to leave but Kino's hut burned down so they went to Juan Tomas because Kino's hut was burned. After the word has gone out for Kino having the pearl of the world it went to the town and the priest was wondering ''If I've officially married Kino and Juana'' and the shop keepers kept looking at their unsold stuff and now starting to be generous. And now that the doctor had heard about Kino having the pearl he would start to think about Coyitito and his Scorpion Stung and the doctor was thinking "About treating the Scorpion wound". And now that the buyers knew about the pearl. The pearl buyers they know how to buy the pearl they would bid of each other and raise the prices. And now Juan Tomas (Kino's Brother) asked Kino "We will be married in a church" "We will be baptize Kino" and now Coyitito will be in school. After the speaking from Kino the neighbor's noticed that the priest was coming. And the Priest told Kino "Kino, Through ar named after a great man-and a great Father of the Church" And later on they goto Juan Tomas' hut and plan to run away.

Day 4


When Juana and Kino knew they were in trouble try fled away from town. During the middle of the night Kino, Juana and Coyitito ran away. Covering up their track with a branch. They have been traveling for hours. Finally in the morning they found some cave to hide in under a bunch of branches. They knew some people would come to hunt them and they were right. The family woke up to hearing a horse and 2 hunters. The horse man had a riffle and the hunters were the best of the kind they could track any animal anything. So if they were to find Kino and Juana they would kill them because of the pearl of the world. And Kino knew this so he got prepared.. And fled away from the hunters and headed for the mountain.

Day 5


Kino and Juana went for the mountain. The hunters stopped and Kino knew that they would find them unless they hurried so they didn't care about their tracks anymore they needed to hurry. It was windy dusty hard to see. As soon Kino and Juana got the valley where its almost night time. Later its nearly midnight and the hunters and the horse man was resting and Kino told Juana to stay put so he could go kill the horseman and hunters because Kino knew that they would find the family in the morning.. So Kino went down to the hunters and was ready to do the most dangerous thing ever.. Then.. Coyitito started crying it was nearly day. The hunters woke up and ask ''What's going on?'' Everyone thought it was a animal but it was really Coyitito.. So the horse man raised his gun to the air and Kino thought he was gonna shoot Coyitito but then Kino leaped into the air and slit the horse-man throat and killed the hunters.
When the destruction was over Juana and Coyititio came down and noticed there was no head on his baby... And so Kino realized that he just killed his baby.

Day 6


Walking down the road from the mountain tops something was wrong with the family. The walked side by side big and strong, not in a single file line. Just side by side. They went the ocean and handed Juana the pearl and said. ''Go ahead throw it in the ocean'' The pearl of the world was the bad luck. It killed their baby.