Events leading to civil war by: Grant Alford


a compromise where Maine became a free state and Missouri became a slave state and the Missouri compromise line was created, where anything below it was a slave state and anything above it was a free state.

Missouri compromise

1820 - 1857

Mexican-American War

1846 - 1848

Expansion of territory brings up the question "will it be a slave or free state?" causing sectionalism.

Uncle Tom's Cabin

1852 - 2013

A novel that was published leaking info about what happens/happened to slaves

Republican party

1854 - 2013

a political party made by Lincoln in 1854 that, overtime, changed from liberal to conservative

South Carolina secedes

1860 - 1865

SC secedes from Union

Civil war

1861 - 1865

Civil war

Confederate States of America (CSA)

1861 - 1865

CSA is formed from the states that seceded