Booker T Washington



5 April 1856 - 1865

Booker spent his first nine years as a slave on the Burroughs farm

Booker T Washington

5 April 1856 - 14 November 1915

Coal miner

1866 - 1868

Between the ages of ten and twelve, he worked in a coal mine. He attended school while continuing to work in the mines

Booker goes to Hampton Normal and Agricultural Institute in Virginia

1872 - 1875

In 1872, at age sixteen, Booker T. Washington entered Hampton Normal and Agricultural Institute and graduated with honors


July 4 1881 - 1882

He established the Tuskegee Normal and Industrial Institute in Alabama in 1881

Atlanta Exposition Address

september 18 1895

Booker t Washington represented blacks for the Cotton States and International Exposition in Atlanta

Up From Slavery


Booker T Washington autobiographies

Dining in The White House


The first time a black man dined in the White House with the President

Souls of Black Folk authored by Booker T Washington


Booker T. Washington's educational and political philosophy in his celebrated work, Souls of Black Folk