Emily Dickinson


Emily Dickinson was born

December 10, 1830

She bagan schooling at Amherst Academy

september 7 1840

Emily's cousin dies. They were very good friends.

April 1844

She meets Loenard Humphrey, who was a great inspiration to her.

april 1846

Dickinson finishes school at Amherst and begins college at Mount Holyoke.

august 10 1847

Dickinson leaves college after less than a year and returns home to Amherst

march 25 1848

Travels out of Massachusetts for the first and only time in her life


Dickinson copies her poems and publishes some in the newspaper


She begins to isolate herself from evryone and everything around her


Emily's father dies

june 16 1874

Emily's mother dies

november 14 1882

Emily's nephew dies


Emily Dickinson dies

may 15 1886

Dickinson's poems are discovered and published into a book