The Life Of Marshall "Major" Taylor



November 26, 1878

Major Taylor was born on November 26, 1878 in Indianapolis, Indiana. Born to Gilbert Taylor and Saphornia Kelter. He was 1 of eight children.

The Southard Family Moves Away

january 20, 1881

The Southard family, a wealthy white family he had be living with moved away. His family would not let him move with them. He had to move Back With his real family.

Major Get's the Job


Major began working at the Hay and Willis Store receiving a $35 bicycle and six dollars a week. in addition to his custodial duties He dressed in uniform and gave an exhibition of tricks and fancy riding.

His First Shot

March 23, 1882

His employers sponsored a ten mile race each year and awarded a gold medal to the winner. Not expected Major to they ask him to race. He won first place.

Next race

June 5 1883

Taylor's Next Race Was an event for boys 16 and under, held in Peoria, Illinois. He cam in third place but was ecouraged by the crowd's reaction.

Major Moves On

March 25 1893

He left the Hay and Willis store and went to work for H. T. Hearsey, whose bicycle store was much more established. Although he did general work in the store his princple occupation was as teacher of bicycle riding.

Professional Deut

june 12 1896

He raced the half-mile open hadicap at Madison Square Garden, easily becoming the winnere

Becomes A World Champion

august 10 1899

Major becam the first black champion bicycle rider, and the second black world champion in any sport.

Taylor Visits Europe

june 17 1901

He entered 25 races and placed first in 21 of them this was the apex of his career.


March 21 1902

On March 21, 1902 he married Daisy Victoria Morris.

Another Birth

May 11 1904

His only child Rita Sydney was In Sydney, Australia on May 11, 1904



Taylor retired from racin in 1910 when he was 32 years old


december 1912

Inveted a wheel dividided into independently sprung sections to provide effecient cushioning.

He Has His Own Company

March 23, 1915

The Major Taylor Manufacturing company was formed



By 1923 Taylor began to write his autobiograpry entitled the fastest bike rider in the world.


June 21, 1932

He died june 21, 1932 at the age of 53.