Europe After the Roman Empire

By: littlehikari



476 C.E. - 1200 C.E.

Rome Collapses

476 C.E.

Roman Emperor Romulus Augustus dethroned by barbarians.

Clovis Is King

481 C.E. - 511 C.E.

Clovis becomes the king of the Franks in 481 C.E. His reign of 30 years of war widened his kingdom's boundaries. He also led his people, the Franks, into Christanity.

Clovis's Death

511 C.E.

Clovis's Territory is Divided

511 C.E. - 751 C.E.

Clovis had four sons: Theuderic, Chlodomer, Childebert, and Clotaire. After his death in 511 C.E., his kingdom was divided among his four sons. Frankish territory continued to spread. Eventually, the sons grew away from the once united bond of the family kingdom, and new, royal families were established.

The Last Frankish King

639 C.E. - 751 C.E.

The last Frankish king with real power was Dagobert I. The mayors of the palace have the real power in the Franksh kingdom until Pepin becomes king in 751 C.E.

Pepin Rules

751 C.E.

The King of the Franks in 751 C.E. was Pepin. He becomes the Head of the Church, and was also the first king to rule with the blessing of the Church. Charlemagne, his son rules with the Churche's blessing as well.

Charlemagne Rules

768 C.E. - 814 C.E.

Charlemagne was one of Europe's most successful monarchs. He was king of the Franks in 768 CE. The Franks were legendary fighters. Using the strength and loyalty of his army, combined with his own leadership abilities, Charlemagne soon defeated most of the other barbarian tribes in Western Europe. He expanded the Frankish Empire to include Germany, all of France, most of Italy, and even sections of northern Spain.

Carloman's Death

771 C.E.

Carloman was Charlemagne's brother. Carloman had been ruling alongside of Charlemagne. Because of Carlman's death, Charlemagne ended up ruling by himself.

The Anglo-Saxons Resist

773 C.E. - 804 C.E.

The Anglo-Saxons had Charlemagne deal with their resistance and fighting.

The New Emperor: Charlemagne


Charlemagne is crowned emperor of the Western Roman Empire on Christmas. (The best Christmas present ever!!)

Charlemagne Gets Pleurisy

814 C.E.

Charlemagne gets pleurisy after going on an extended hunting trip. He dies from this illness.

Death of Charlemagne

814 C.E.

Charlemagne dies of pleurisy.

Defense of Europe

869 C.E. - 899 C.E.

Alfred the Great, King of the Anglo-Saxons, attacked invading Vikings from his base in Wessex.

King William the Conqueror (of France) takes control of England.

1066 C.E.

Using the feudalism system, King William divides the lands among followers.