Little Bee Timeline


Sarah is born


Sarah meets a fox when she was a child


In 2008, Sarah was about 30 years old. She was approximately 8 years old when she saw the fox. Therefore, she saw the fox in approximately 1986.

Sarah and Andrew are married


Charlie was born in 2004, so it is probable that Sarah and Andrew were married the year before Charlie's birth.

Charlie is born


Little Bee

This layer follows the life of LIttle Bee

Little Bee is born.


Little Bee is sixteen when the event on the beach happens. Therefore she was born in 1992

Sarah has an extramarital affair with Lawrence

12/2005 - 7/2008

Little Bee spends time in the detention center in Chelmsford

7/2006 - 2008

Little Bee & Sarah

Little Bee and Sarah's lives first collide on a beach in Nigeria in 2006. Neither of their lives will remain the same after that first meeting.

Event on the beach


In a very traumatic event, Little Bee and Sarah are introduced on a beach in Nigeria. Sarah is there with Andrew on vacation to try and rehabilitate their marriage. Little Bee and her sister are there trying to evade Nigerian delta rebels.