1918 - 1945


Schliefen Plan

1914 - 1917

The plan was to attack France through Belgium and To attack Russia on Germanys western side. This failed because Belgium put up its army to attack and then Germany fought a war on two fronts which was proven to be to heavy for them.

World War 1

1914 - 1918

Tripleentent: France, England and Russia
Triplealliance: Germany, Austria-Hungary and Italy

Gallipoli Plan

1915 - 1916

A plan to counter Germany through Turkey with help from New Zealand and Australia. But Turkey resisted and the plan failed.

Battle of the Seas

1916 - 1917

USA`s cooperation in the War

1917 - 1918

USA fought with the tripleentent from 1917 to the end of the war.

Trety years

1919 - 1920

The years when all the treties where made. Treaty of versailles, Teaty of St germain, Treaty of Neuilly, Trety of trianon and the Treaty of Sevres

League of Nations

1919 - 1936

Kind of a old times United Nations but couldn`t keep up or stand against all the conflicts and that was the fall of it in 1936.

Weimar Government

1919 - 1933

During this peried there were often rios, especilly at 1921, 1923 and 1930-1933. This government failed due to the hunger of revenge for the way Germany had been treated for the conequences of the war. That was why the Nazi party grew in the early 30s

Japan attacking Chinese Manchuria

1930 - 1932

Japan decided to attack the Chinese Manchuria and therefore crossed a line. Short after the invasion they ended there membership in the League of Nations.

Italys invasion of Abunnyssia

1935 - 1936

Spanish Civil War

1936 - 1939

Austrian Anschluss

1938 - 1945

Finska Vinterkriget

1939 - 1940

Ryssland attackerade finland.

Andra Världskriget

September 1939 - September 1945

Sitz krieg

september 1939 - april 1940

Battle of Britain

July 1940 - September 1940


september 1940 - May 1941

Tysklan anfaller Sovjetryssland

June 1941 - July 1942