China 1949 - 1980


Foreign Relations & War

China signs treaty with the USSR

February 1950

China signs pact with Soviet Union and formally becomes allies and trade partners

China moves troops into Korea

October 1950

Ceasefire in Korean War

July 1954

China stops diplomatic relations with USSR

July 1964

Mao felt threatened by change in leadership in the USSR and wanted to protect his Communist state

Shanghai Communique between US and China

September 1972

President Nixon comes to hold talks with China. These discussions are positive however Mao apologises because he will continually denounce the US
- Taiwan issue
- Further US and cultural exchange
- Promise for China not to be threatened by two of the worlds super powers (Japan & US

Four Modernizations approved

January 1975

Agriculture, industry, national defence, science and technology

Hua Gofeng relieved of all posts

April 1976

Former Premier & Vice Chairman of CCP

The Cultural Revolution

Cultural Revolution

1966 - 1976

A political upheaval in China 1966–68 intended to bring about a return to revolutionary beliefs

Term ''The Four Olds'' first appears


Mao persecutes old ideas, old customs, old habits and old culture. He believes these things must be vanished for Communism to succeed

The first Red Guard group emerges


Mao's little Red Book published for mass readership

September 1966

Mao distributes this red book throughout schools than the army and than everyone. People spent hours chanting the quotations found in the book
''Mao's school of thought

The Great Leap Foward

Great Leap Forward

May 1958 - 1961

Effort to massively industrilize China by;
Government buys industry from Soviets with grain, thus starving peasants
Peasants also ordered to create steel in their backyards !!! (unsucessful)

China's Great Famine

1959 - 1961

''Three bad years''
Severe draught and small rations causes millions to perish

Government starts to see flaws in the GLF


Deng Xiaoping gains power


Hua Guofeng was seen as a leader that only went by what Mao said and he and his followers quickly got the name ''whateverists''. Deng Xiaoping gained power however installed himself as Paramount leader and not the chairman and placed Zhao Ziyang (Prime Minister) and Hu Yaobang (General Secretary and chairman of the Central Committee)

Mao & CPC Power

CPC gains power

October 1949

Mao and his communist followers gain power while Nationalists flee to Taiwan

Five year plan

January 1952 - 1957

Massively increases industry, 120% more than projected

Hundred Flowers Campaign begins

May 1956 - June 1957

Mao calls for people to express their ideas on the government

Founding of First People's Commune

April 1958

The beginning of grouped farming and another step towards Mao's vision

Mao passes away

September 1976

Gang of Four arrested

October 1976

Gang of four lead by Jiang Qing (Mao's Wife) arrested and charmed for crimes committed during the Cultural Revolution