Chinese History, Engaging Asia: Gabby

Events of Mao Zedong's dynasty

Final stage of Chinese civil war

1946 - 1949

The end of the chinese civil war was a huge step to communism as the communist's had won the war and it evolved into chairman mao coming into power and making everyone equal.

The Communist party came to power in China


The year of 1949 the communist party came to power in china. The leader of the communist party was Mao Zedong. Mao brought in the new revolution in china. China still use Mao's way of living and they worship him.

Thought Reform in the PRC


The thought reform campaign is when the People's republic of China are trying to teach China about Mao's way of ruling is the only way. There were many techniques that went into this such a threatening the people, bribing the people and showing that Mao's way of leading is the only way forward.

China signs treaty with USSR

14 February 1950

China signs a treaty with USSR (Union of Soviet Socialist Republics) about friendship, alliance and mutual assistance.

Chinese Soldiers move into Korea

October 1950

This is done because of the korean war and because china is allies with Korea.

Mao orders invasion of tibet

October 7 1950

China fought against Tibet and won clean. China fought against Tibet as they wanted the land and they wanted more power over people. To make Communism stronger.

Mao bans all parties apart from CCP


Mao Bans all parties apart from the Chinese communist party. This made China stronger and it also stopped people questioning The communist system.

Mao starts industrialisation of China

1953 - 1958

It was an effort to industrialize China. Mao tried to increase steel production by getting people to build steel kilns in their backyards but it resulted in many people getting killed and really bad steel.

First five year plan

1 January 1953 - 1957

The first year plan was both good and bad. the bad side was that many people died due to lack of food, failure in farm land and agricultural systems and many industrial problems that resulted in people dying. The good side of the 5 year plan was that steel production increased and communism really started to push off.

Ceasefire on Korean war.

1 July 1954

This resulted in China's troops coming back to China.

Mao becomes president of PRC

September 7 1954

Mao becomes president of (PRC)Peoples republic of China.

Hundred Flowers campaign

26 May 1956 - 8 June 1957

The hundred Flowers campaign was a campaign when the communist party let people openly speak about what they thought of communism. The words were that started it was “Let a hundred flowers bloom, and a hundred schools of thought contend.”

Anti Rightist movement launched

July 1957

The anti rightist movement was launched towards the ending of the hundred flowers campaign. The hundred flowers campaign brought forward complaints about people criticising the government. With the launch of this campaign 300,000 people became anti rightist.

The Great Leap Forward

1958 - 1961

The great leap forward was 3 years of famine. A time where communism was trying to come forth.

Founding of First Peoples commune

April 1958

A people'c commune was a town/workplace that held around 4000-5000 households. Mao Put these into place so that peasants could work together to create say steel or wheat. Peoples communes consisted of many small farms and many households. A large peoples commune held around 20,000 households.

3 Years of Hunger and famine across China.

1959 - 1961

There was a severe drought/famine across China that caused a 3 year famine. Over 3 years 30 million people died. The start of Mao’s revolution resulted in the largest famine in history.

China cuts diplomatic relations with USSR

July 1964

China cuts all diplomatic relations with the USSR (The Soviet Union).

Cultural Revolution

1965 - 1976

The Cultural revolution was when Mao Zedong was in full power and he was bringing forth his ideas. The cultural revolution washed out all traditional, capitalist and chinas history and it was replaced by Maos new rule of communism.

First Red Guard Group Emerges

May 1966

The red guard group was students of china who taught in place communism. The group originally started to call themselves red guards and it built of from there. The red guards would run around China with Mao's little red book and they would put in place the laws of chairman mao and communism.

The Saying Four Olds first appears

June 1 1966

The saying four olds represents ideas, Culture, customs and habits.

Mao's little red book is published

September 1966

A little red book was created by Mao that explains all the rules and things about communism and why people should look up to communism, look up to Mao and to not question whats going on around them.

Shanghai Communique between US and PRC

September 1972

The people's republic of china and the united states of america decide to work together towards normalisation of their relation.

Deng Xiaoping resumes duties as vice-premier

29 March 1973

He resumes duties as vice premier after when he retired from all his duties as he was not in favour of the cultural revolution.

Four Modernizations approved

January 1975

The four modernizations were agriculture, industry, national defence and science & technology. The four modernizations were brought in by Zou Enlai.

Hua Gofeng formally named premier and vice Chairman of CCP

7 April 1976

Hua gofeng was Vice Chairman of CCP under Mao Zedong.

Deng Xiaoping relieved of all posts

7 April 1976

Deng Xiaoping was relieved of all posts and was replaced by Hua Gofeng. :(

Mao Zedong dies

9 September 1976

Mao Zedong dies on this day. This was terrible as everyone was upset because he had done so much for them and it caused a huge uproar with people of china. Mao zedong did many things for china such as he stopped famine and he made everyone equal.

Jiang Qing & Gang of 4 Arrested

November 1976

Jiang Qing (maos last wife) and 4 others were arrested for expressing their political views.