China timeline: 1949 - 1976 By Jesse


Founding of the People's Republic of China

1 October 1949

China signs a treaty with the USSR

14 February 1950

Alliance between Soviet Union and China

Chinese troops move into Korea

October 1950

China was seen as an aggressor in the Korean War.

The first Five-Year Plan begins

1 January 1953

Ceasefire in Korean War

1 July 1954

Hundred Flowers Campaign

26 May 1956 - 8 June 1957

CPC encourages civilians to give their thoughts on Chinese communism. This turned into an Anti Rightist campaign.

Launch of Anti-Rightist Campaign

8 June 1957

After the Hundred Flowers Campaign that had encouraged people to give their thoughts on Chinese communism came the Anti-Rightist Campaign. This was when people were sent to prison labor camps for being critical of Chinese communism.

Founding of First People's Commune

April 1958

The Great Leap Forward

5 May 1958 - 1961

The Great Leap Forward was a plan authorised by Chairman Mao to increase steel production by pulling many farmers of the fields to make steel, which turned out to be bad quality. This caused massive amounts of crops to rot. In the Great Leap Forward Mao had also undergone land reform which had ultimately caused the Three Bad Years of Famine.

Three Bad Years of Famine

July 1959 - 1961

Due to land reform and drought, 30 million Chinese people died in this famine.

China cuts diplomatic relations with USSR

July 1964

End of treaty with USSR.

Cultural Revolution

1966 - 9 September 1976

The Cultural Revolution was yet another campaign/movement/revolution to try and help China that didn't go well for Mao. He attempted to enforce communism and get rid of any traces of capitalism. This was horrible for China in terms of economy and socialism with other countries.

First Red Guard group emerges

May 1966

The Red Guards were a mass paramilitary social movement of Chinese citizens. They were put together by Mao Zedong during the Cultural Revolution.

Mao's Little Red Book published for mass readership

September 1966

A book for everyone in China to know about how awesome Chairman Mao was.

Shanghai Communiqué between US and PRC

September 1972

President Nixon visits China.

Deng Xiaoping resumes duties as Vice - Premier

29 March 1973

Four Modernisations Approved

January 1975

Four Modernisations Approved (agriculture, industry, national defence, science and technology.)

Deng Xiaoping relieved of all posts

7 April 1976

Hua Gofeng formally named Premier and Vice Chairman of CCP

7 April 1976

Chairman Mao's death

9 September 1976

Mao Zedong died. This ended the Cultural Revolution.