Europe After the Roman Empire


Rome Collapses

476 AD

Roman Emporer Romululus Augustus is dethroned by barbarians. Romeo collapses.

Franks Settle into Europe

479 AD

Franks settle into part of Europe.

The Empire Builds

481 AD

The 15 year old warrior Clovis becomes king of the Franks. He builds the empire greatly. Clovis uses some Roman techniques.

Monks Form Monastaries

500 AD

Monks form monastaries. These monks focus on preserving the ideas of ancient Rome and Greece. These served Christians.

Muslim Armies are Defeated

732 AD

The Mayor of the Palace (Charles Martel) defeats Muslim armies.

Pepin Recieves the Church's Blessings

751 AD

Martel's son Pepin asks the head of the church (Pope Zacharias) to recognize him as king. Pepin becomes the first king to rule with the blessings of the church.

Charlemange Rules

768 AD

Charlemange (Pepin's son) rules for 48 yearswith the church's blessings. He fights many wars with many armies (Lombards in Italy, Saxons to the north, Avars and Slavs to the east, etc.) He led 60 campaigns in all. Charlemange makes his defeated opponents accept the Roman church and swear loyalty to him.

Charlemange Is Crowned Emporer

800 AD

Charlemange marches to Italy to help Pope Leo III put down a rebellion. Pope Leo III later crowns him emporer on Christmas day.

Charlemange's Empire Stays Strong

810 AD

Charlemange makes many changes and keeps his empire strong.

Charlemange's Empire Begins to Collapse

812 AD

Charlemange grows old and his empire begins to unravel. The borders are attacked by many groups (Muslims and Vikings)

Charlemange Dies

814 AD

Charlemange dies at age 72.

The Christian Church Rules

815 AD

After Charlemange's empire falls the Christian church takes over, robbing the Jews of many rights.

Jewish Culture Explodes

817 AD

Jewish culture explodes because of trade. Jews are allowed on Muslim land where Christians are not therefore many Christians rely on Jews for many trade needs.

Europe Becomes Divided

840 AD

Europe becomes divided between Charlemange's three grandsons. This leads to Europe breaking into even smaller pieces.

Local Lords Become Protectors

850 AD

People look to local lords to defend them from enemies at the borders.

Vikings Attack

851 AD

Vikings launch brutal attacks on Europe.

Alfred Saves England

860 AD - 899 AD

Alfred the Great the Anglo-Saxon king saves England from the Vikings.

Alfred Dies

899 AD

Alfred dies

Right to the Throne Goes Into Question

920 AD

King-Edward (a descendant of Alfred) dies childless leaving right to the throne in question. Edward's brother in law Harold is chosen as king. Edward's cousin William believes that he should be king.

William Takes Control of England

1066 AD

King William the Conqueror (of France) takes control of England. Using the feudalism system he divides the lands among followers.